Prevent Bed Bugs – Have a Sound Sleep

Have a Healthier and Happier Sleep

The main problem a property owner faces throughout the year is the risk of pest infestation in their house or workplace.

Experts advise bed bugs inspection to avoid property damage and further destruction to the belongings. Apart from termites and rats, there are many insects that can cause a menace in your house in Central Coast. Have you ever wondered what could those tiny bed bugs accompanying you inside the house with the luggage do? Yes, bed bugs are way harmful when it comes to causing health issues and property damage.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have the ability to survive for months without being fed with blood which is their main edible source and could resist extreme temperatures easily. If you get up in the morning with small read itchy spots on your body, probably you sleep with bugs! Like vampires, bugs could suck your blood leaving you with itchy marks all over apart from damaging your bed and mattress. They could hide possibly everywhere due to their tiny size.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the smartest ways to reduce the risk of pest infestation in your Central Coast house specifically bed bugs, even though there is no guaranteed prevention of the tiny, smart insect.

Avoid being accompanied by bed bugs into home

When back from a tour or holiday, unpack your luggage in the garage or garden; wash the clothes using hot water and dry them at the hottest cycle to kill any bugs, if in any case they are hiding there. Disinfect the suitcases and bags using no pest sticky strips – keep them inside the bags overnight. It kills the bugs inside the suitcase or bags.

Check hotel rooms when travelling

AS soon as you check in into the hotel room, check the box springs and mattresses along with the furniture crevices for any sign of bed bugs before opening your suitcase. If you find tiny brown spots on the textured backgrounds, sue a magnifying glass to confirm those are not bed bugs. If you wake up with tiny red spots anywhere in your body, bring the situation up in front of the hotel management staff immediately.   

Think twice before purchasing used furniture

Only if you trust the person completely, do not purchase second hand furniture from anyone. Never buy beds or furniture sold at flea markets or at garage sales. You never know!

If you ever find bugs invading your house, call Flatline Pest Control for pest control in Central Coast, NSW. No one can solve the issue better than a professional pest inspector in the area. Skilled professional know the best way to eradicate harmful pests from your property and give you the required peace of mind.