Primary Care Services to Improve Your Health

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and having regular health check-ups can help promote your health. In cases where you have underlying chronic health conditions, proper management of the disease is necessary to maintain your health. You might also want to identify yourself with a qualified primary care provider for various health services you may require in your daily life. Troy Taylor AGNP-C, a nurse practitioner at Oasis Healthcare Service, leads her team in providing patient-centered services to patients of all ages. This article will take you through primary care services.

Wellness visits

It involves annual health check-ups. They are essential for everyone, even when in good health. Wellness exams are a form of preventative care that allows disease screening, medical examination, diagnosis, and treatments for various diseases and injuries.

During your wellness visit, your health provider does the following.

·         Checks for your vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, among other signs

·         Performs a physical exam

·         Assesses your medical history

·         Conducts diagnosis

·         Offers treatments and recommendations where necessary

Weight loss program

Excessive weight is not ideal for your health; it increases your chances of health conditions, including heart disease. Weight loss is therefore crucial in lowering your health risks.

As we know, weight loss does not come easily, but it’s achievable. The team at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. offers a weight loss program to promote your weight loss journey.

IV Hydration

Once in a while, we may find ourselves dehydrated from various factors, including diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, reduced water intake, and more. Dehydration is not good for your health; hence you need to take medical action when you notice you have dehydration.

IV hydration therapy allows the delivery of fluids into your body. Your provider inserts a needle into your arm that drips directly into your bloodstream. IV hydration allows immediate rehydration.

You may need IV hydration if you have the following.

·         Fever

·         Exhaustion

·         Overexertion

·         Diarrhea and vomiting

·         Post-viral fatigue

·         Heat exhaustion

·         Respiratory illnesses


It involves medical exams needed before joining work, school, among other institutions. You may also require a physical before participating in sports. It involves medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatments, and prevention, to enhance your health.

Physicals are essential every year to help detect health issues before they become severe.

During your physical consultation, your provider performs the following.

·         Reviews your medical history

·         Performs a medical exam

·         Checks the vital exams

·         Diagnostic testing

After your physical, your provider completes your physicals paperwork as required by your school, work, or sports officials.


Telehealth is essential because it allows you to receive healthcare from wherever you are, through your computer, phone or tablet. You can access the same healthcare services you would get during an in-person appointment.

It has the following benefits.

·         Privacy

·         Convenience

·         Time savings

·         No sick patient exposure

·         Cost savings

Urgent visit

You may require urgent care at any time of the day or night. It’s therefore critical to ensure your health provider can offer immediate care when necessary. Urgent visits allow you to see a health provider when you need to, without waiting for appointments.

Primary health care is essential to maintain your health. It allows the provision of diagnosis, treatment, and preventive health services. Contact Oasis Healthcare Services, Inc to schedule your consultation for all your health issues.