Promise us 20m seriescoldeweytechcrunch: Dream of Affordable Housing Come Ture

Promise, a famous start up from New York, United States, has raised a funding of 20 million USD that will help people to get affordable housing and make their dreams of having affordable housing come true in a super-expensive city.  In 2015, the startup was started for helping several people in the United States who do need their home. As in New York, the expensive of living is more than any other nation is the US, it does require a US startup like promise, who has raised 20m (million) with a series of cold and hot negotiation, with a TechCrunch promise of providing e (wey) way leaving for helping out many people around the world.

Aim of Promise

Promise did start in the year of 2015, with an of providing affordable housing. They, at the start, did connect with some of the local real-estate brains who have helped the brand to grow and keep on rising fundings for making a sound impact. Hence, from 2015 to 2021, they did make a foundation that has helped several people to live a respected life and make a quality leaving. An average person in the US does spend more than 30 per cent on renting a house; hence, for many the task of finding a good place in affordable rates do become a task. However, Promise has changed this theory with their magical way of leaving. It has indeed helped to make a change in the society, where pandemic and war have made the expense of leaving higher than what it should be in a ideal world.  

As they are keeping raising funds and increase profits and all, it has helped the brand to make a change that does take years to make an impact.

Why 21st Century Needs Affordable Housing?

The 21st century needs the affordable housing as it does help people to live and make an impact. In 2000, a good mobile phone used to cost around 100 to 150 USD. However, now with smart phones, the cost of a phone has gone from 150 US dollars to 1,200. There are needed several other factors like this that do make an impact in a person’s leaving. Other than the Information Technology sector, there is not a great boom in salary rise in the last 10 to 15 years. Hence, for many it does require to have a stable leaving for making an impact in a bigger and better way. This does indeed lead a person to a stable level.

Formula of Promise Proving Affordable Housing?

Promise does have a great formula for hosing that do make a creative impact. It seems promise does have a great backend team that do keep on checking the changes in location, what new rentals are available, where the demand is higher and lower, household composition and others. With this data, they do manage to make profit to the one who is looking for a place to spend his life, the owner who wants to make money. With both of them do work very well, it does help Promise to make an impact and generate profit for keep on running the brand in a bigger and better manner.

Why Promise needs to expend?

Not just the NYC, there are several cities like London, Pairs, Mumbai, Hong Kong and others, where the cost of leaving and earing do not match for millions of people. Hence, with the global expansion, many people can enjoy the fruits and earning money. It does help them not just save the money, but reduce the financial burden. Hence, it can only make the business run better, help others and make it a win-win situation for everyone.

In The end

Promise has made the dream of affordablehousing come true in New York, where not everyone can enjoy the life like a king. With the help of this 20m funding, things can be only better for everyone. It will make their base in the most famous city in the United States of America bigger and better. The same formula can also assist several other cities and governments to do well in terms of helping people around the world in a classical way. It does make people work more and invest on other sectors for increasing demand and helping to build an economy at the very best level. This is what makes this plan worth investing.

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