Pros and Cons of Traveling Alone

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Have you ever considered traveling alone? Many find it liberating. Solo travel has its own pros and cons, but the cons can be mastered. 

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You get to meet new people. Usually, when traveling with a partner, you tend to not reach out to others. When you travel solo, you are more aware of your surroundings and will begin to notice others around you and may even develop lifelong friendships. 

You are on your own schedule. You can get up when you want, go to bed when you want, eat when you want. Once that initial fear and self-consciousness have passed, realizing how empowering solo travel can be is an exciting reason to go it alone. 

Activities. When you’re traveling, there are specific things you want to see and do. If you are traveling with others, they may want to do something different. There are no compromises with solo travel.

You will find great deals. You may luck out and fly standby and reap the benefits from the airlines. If you are an observant person, you can find other single travelers and split the cost of a cab or any other fees. 

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Safety. Safety in numbers – when you are traveling with other people, you tend to feel safer. Walking around at night with a group, looking after belongings, identifying scams tends to be easier with someone than alone. 

No one to share the moment with. This one speaks for itself. You can’t discuss with someone the perfect sunrise you just saw or anything actually that happens each day. 

Photo challenges. Group travel has the benefit of having friends to take your photos. Getting pictures of yourself is one of the most annoying things for a solo traveler.
Can be expensive. When you travel with someone, you can share meals, stay in private rooms, and split many of your expenses. You’ll also often find that for private tours, you’ll be charged a lot more if you plan on taking it alone.

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