Questions That You Should Ask An Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is a complex process; doing it yourself may not be sufficient. Moreover, choosing the wrong attorney can be even worse. Before selecting an attorney, it is highly suggested that you talk with them and question them about their experience and primary focus. After getting all the details, you can make a wiser decision. 

By searching on the web for the best estate planning lawyer near me, you will come across a list of lawyers with an abundance of experience. With their guidance and expertise, you can easily create your estate plan. 

Questions you can ask your potential estate planning lawyer. 

  1. Is estate planning your primary focus? 

This is the first and most important question, as one who practices estate planning is well aware of the current laws, will have all the required strategies to know how to carefully word your documents most effectively. Proceed to the following questions only if the answer is ‘yes.’ 

  1. Since how long are you practicing?

You may have to work a little hard to find an experienced lawyer. Experienced attorneys have seen that prepared documents come into action after a client’s death. Such attorneys have faced challenges from the court and know how to overcome any hurdles. 

  1. Do you review plans regularly? 

Some attorneys review your plan every six months or annually. Life changes or changes with finance may require you to make changes in your plan. Therefore, checking your plan regularly is vital. 

  1. Can you help me create a comprehensive estate plan? 

Your estate plan may include several wills, trusts, and life insurance plans. Therefore, your attorney should be knowledgeable in these areas. Your attorney should also be able to help you understand the nuances of each estate-planning tool. 

  1. How much and how do you charge? 

Some estate planning attorneys charge by the hour, while some have a flat fee to be paid. Some attorneys do both; they have a fixed amount for making trusts and charge hourly for any research work. It is wise to know the amount before time to avoid surprises later. 

  1. What other issues do you address? 

An attorney should be prepared for anything, and with aging, a person can suffer from adverse diseases. So, an attorney should know about living wills, healthcare directives, and power of attorney. 

  1. In your absence, who will clear my queries in your office? 

Lawyers try their best to be available for their clients at all times. However, they might be there for you in some cases, and an associate of your lawyer should be available for you.

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