Questions to Ask Your CPA

Running your own business can be a challenging yet adventurous task. With the burden of handling staffing issues, buying essential resources, planning your next marketing idea, etc., you may also be stressed about your financial management. When it comes to businesses, one word that dreads all owners is finances. 

If you are considering hiring Tax services in Aventura, FL, you want to ensure they are the right ones for you. America has thousands of accounting firms with various experienced and qualified accountants. However, there are certain things that you should double-check by asking the professional a few questions during the consultation session. 

Questions to ask your CPA

  1. What kinds of clients do you work with?

CPAs work with people from all kinds of industries. Not every business is the same, and that is why they need different types of approaches when it comes to their finances. You want someone who has in-depth knowledge about your specific industry and is aware of the laws that concern your industry only. For example, a person who only works for restaurant owners may not be the perfect fit for preparing the taxes of a construction company.

  1. Is your service timely delivered?

A proficient CPA in Aventura, FL, gets back to their client after completing their task as soon as possible. You want someone who can organize your accounting information quickly and keep you updated about it. For example, the reports for the month of June should come in July and not in December. You must review your business’ finances regularly to understand its financial health. 

  1. Do you have experience with the IRS?

While your CPA should have worked with businesses similar to yours, they should also have experience dealing with the IRS. Tax laws are always changing, and so you need someone who can keep up. If your CPA lacks experience with the IRS, simply continue your search. 

  1. Are you available all year round?

Some accounting firms only open their doors during the tax season and close them once it is over. However, if you are running a business, you are going to need accounting services all year round. There are various issues a good accountant can help you with. Moreover, you want to keep a specialist handy in case an issue in the finances comes up. You do not want to wait until tax season to resolve your query. 

  1. Do the same people hire you over and over again?

Clients always return to good accountants. You want someone who is good at their job, so you do not have to hunt for an accountant every time you need one. Going to the same professional can build a relationship of trust, and you can become comfortable with each other. 

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