Quintrex 320 Explorer – Great Fishing Tinnie

There is no better way to enjoy the boating lifestyle on the lake than in your own personal Quintrex tinnie. A Quintrex Explorer 320 Tinnie offers all the advantages of a larger boat and can be easily rowed across local lakes, rivers, and estuaries. It’ll easily go where other fishing boats fear to tread.


  1. Aiding you in exploring the countryside by water, the Eclipse has a single hull that is guaranteed to provide precise handling, smooth maneuverability, and stability at rest. Perfect for a weekend’s camping or family day’s out, it will help you navigate off-road waters with ease.
  2. The shallow draft makes it perfect for exploring along the shoreline, seeking out those little-known waterway access points where fish hold unequaled opportunities for success. With a new forked bow design, the 320 Explorer offers a stable and dry ride.
  3. Like the other watercraft, it also has a hull that keeps the water out and provides buoyancy. This tinnie is so easy to tow on land, making it ideal for fishermen who travel around fishing grounds from one place to another searching for a catch.
  4. The unladen weight of this tinnie is 63kg, and it will support a maximum of 7hp. You’ll be able to load this boat onto a trailer and ferry it around. It will be buoyant enough for you to take with you on your journeys.
  5. Constructed using 1.6mm aluminum top and bottom sides, it creates a boat that is not only beautiful but also very stable in the water. The open cockpit allows you to take in the scenery while facing forward. The rustproof aluminum construction, as well as smooth surface finish, means that this will be an attractive addition to any collection.
  6. These tend to be a little bouncy at speed but throttle back, and the ride is comfortable – when driven within limits.
  7. The boat features two bench seats with air-filled foam cushions for flotation and a single eyelet at the bow. Foam-filled seats provide a pleasant ride and increased buoyancy; rowlocks make rowing easier to get a good rhythm going, saving energy and making rowing more fun.


  • Length Maximum – 3.25m
  • Beam – 1.32
  • Motor Weight – 28kg
  • Transom Shaft Length – SS
  • Transom Material – 1.60mm

Australia’s largest aluminum & fiberglass boat manufacturer, Quintrex, draws upon a proud heritage spanning over 75 years. The Quintrex 320 Explorer Tinnies is built to offer fantastic value for money, along with economical running costs. It is shaped carefully through time and pushed to its limits through several testing and research.

Buying a boat is no walk in the park. It requires planning, knowledge about the market, technical expertise and more. You can easily get scammed or misled by someone offering cheap boat deals; make sure you research potential sellers thoroughly.

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