Reasons Why Water Is Important to Human Health

We often hear that it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. But why is it so important to drink? presents 15 reasons why we should be careful to stay hydrated:

1. Water: a miraculous solvent

Did you know? Although it has no taste and no color, water is able to dilute more substances than any other liquid!

2. Water regulates our body temperature

Everyone knows that when it’s very hot, drinking water is very important. But did you know that it is also important to drink water when you are cold? The risk of dehydration is, in fact, greater when one is cold because the body struggles to keep it warm. It is therefore imperative to drink lots of water.

3. Water allows better oxygenation of the body

Water keeps our bodies moist, which is essential for most of our organs, especially our lungs, which must have high humidity levels to function properly. Studies have shown a link between water consumption and its effects on reducing asthma.

4. Water as the main component of our body

About 70% of the human body is made of water. Drinking water is therefore essential for our functioning. These all the natural home remedies.

5. Water to detoxify

Our bodies are often exposed to toxins from our external environment. Drinking water is a simple, natural method of getting rid of it – hence the importance of drinking lots of it.

6. Water helps regulate blood sugar levels

The level of blood sugar plays an important role in our health and in our general well-being. It is therefore essential to control your sugar level by drinking lots of water and eating hydrating foods such as fresh fruit.

7. Water helps you lose weight faster

An American study by the American Chemical Society has shown that adults who drink water before each meal consume fewer calories during the meal and therefore lose weight more easily.

8. Water as a way to fight constipation

Beyond all the negative effects associated with poor hydration, one of the most detestable effects is … constipation. In fact, water allows good digestion of the food we eat, which is why it is essential to provide enough for our body.

9. Water: a mood booster!

Studies have shown that drinking water has indirect effects on our mood! Researchers have observed that dehydration is often associated with feelings of anger and depression!

10. Water: for the functioning of our brain

Dehydration would interfere with the proper functioning of our brain, which could result in concentration problems or even memory loss.

11. Water as a remedy for migraines

If you often suffer from migraines, it could be due to too low water consumption! Indeed, according to studies, people who do not consume enough water more often suffer from pain or cramps.

12. Water: acne remedy

Consuming plenty of water would reduce the appearance or development of acne pimples. Indeed, water prevents the proliferation of bacteria responsible for this unsightly phenomenon!

13. Water: for the health of our muscles

By keeping our body sufficiently hydrated, we also guarantee good lubrication of our muscles – which is essential for their functioning! In this way, the risk of sprains or various injuries is reduced.

14. Water: as a source of energy

Our bodies tend to show signs of fatigue when we hydrate poorly. This can be explained by the fact that our vital organs then work more to pump oxygen into the blood. To keep in shape, opt for a large glass of water instead of a coffee.

15. Water as… sex booster!

Trouble in bed? Poor hydration could be the cause! And yes, because some common problems like poor lubrication could simply be solved by consuming more water!

Stay Healthier Note

Water plays a vital role in our lives. We should drink the water within a day 8 to 10 glass. For home remedies feel free to contact us on our site Stay Healthier.

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