Recycling Aluminum – Making Complete Use of Valuable Commodity

Aluminum metal is generally used in packaging products. Aluminum is an extensive material, which includes around 99 percent of all beer cans along with around 97 percent of all soft drink cans. Basically, these types of containers provide around 3. 4 million tons of aluminum. Moreover, aluminum is easy to recycle. Plus, Recycling aluminum also offers several other benefits to the environment as well as to human beings.

It is said that Recycling Aluminum helps in Saving Energy. Basically, the Used beverage containers are considered to be the largest component of aluminum scrap that are been recycled back into cans. Plus, the automotive industry is the 2nd largest user of recovered aluminum because recycling old cans into new ones use around 95 percent less energy. It is stated that Recycling Aluminum Makes the complete Use of a Valuable Commodity. It is been said that from around 1 billion tons of aluminum that is ever produced almost around 75 percent is still in use. Also, Recycling Aluminum Reduces the Carbon Footprint of human beings, which will ultimately help the environment as a whole. Plus, Recycling Aluminum also Helps in Satisfying an Increasing Demand for resources. 

There are so many benefits and advantages of recycling aluminum because it takes comparatively more energy to discover along with producing aluminum than any other scare metal. Most people say that recycling not only bypasses resources to be extracted from Earth but it also saves a lot of energy.

The following are some of the major as well as primary advantages and benefits of recycling aluminum cans for the environment:

1. Recycling aluminum uses around 95 percent less energy than producing aluminum from raw materials.

2. Recycling aluminum also saves around 97 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced in the primary generation process.

3. Recycling 1 tone of aluminum saves up to almost 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from which the raw material of the metal aluminum is made. It is to be said that around 1 tonne of carbon dioxide is almost equivalent to over 3,500 miles.

4. The metal Aluminum is considered to be a permanently available resource, which is 100 percent recyclable. Also, it saves every time it goes through the recycling circle.

5. Recycling aluminum and making cans from it is considered to be almost 20 times more energy-efficient than using just primary material.

6. Almost 70 percent of aluminum cans are been recycled approximately 125 billion cans in a year. 

7. Mining is been avoided while recycling the aluminum.

8. The metal like aluminum is easy and important because It never wears out

The major question one can ask is that why should a human being recycle aluminum?

Basically, Aluminum metal recycling provides various and different types of environmental, economic as well as community benefits to human beings. Plus, in addition to this, recycling Aluminum saves energy, it saves time, it saves money, also it saves precious natural resources. Moreover, the major benefit of it is that recycling Aluminum generates jobs as well as also helps to compensate for community services that make life better for thousands of millions of people around the globe. 

The major or serious problem and issue are that more than 100 billion aluminum cans are being sold in the United States of America each year but in turn, only less than half of it is getting recycled. Almost a similar number of aluminum cans in other countries also are been destroyed or even are sent to landfills in order to destroy them. To be specific in these numbers around 1. 5 million tons of aluminum cans are being wasted aluminum in a year around the globe. Plus, all of those trashed cans are required to be replaced with completely new cans that are made up entirely from fresh raw materials and this ultimately wastes the scare energy also causes extensive environmental damage.

Failing to Recycle Aluminum metal can actually Harm the Environment in long term because on a worldwide level, it is been said that, the aluminum industry annually releases almost millions of tons of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which are majorly contributing to global warming. Moreover, if we take a look at the facts and figures of the wastage and recycling of aluminum metal. We can come to know that aluminum cans are representing only 1.4 percent of a ton of garbage by weight, but on the other side, they are considered to be for 14.1 percent of the greenhouse gas and its impacts are also associated with it. 

Plus, in addition to this, Aluminum smelting also generates sulfur oxide along with nitrogen oxide gas, which is known as the two toxic gases that are key elements in smog and acid rain on the earth. Furthermore, there is no limit to how many times aluminum can be recycled, which means we can recycle aluminum as many times as we want. Therefore, recycling aluminum is considered to be such a benefit for the environment. Also, Aluminum is considered a very sustainable metal that can be recycled again and again.

The Energy People Save by Recycling Aluminum 

People can actually save around 90 percent to 95 percent of scare energy by Recycling aluminum, which is a very high percentage. 

Aluminum Recycling Helps Local Communities 

Almost every year recycling aluminum helps a lot of local communities also. The aluminum industry gives around billion of dollars for recycled aluminum cans and this money goes to support organizations such as Habitat for Humanity also for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America straightforward.

How to Increase Aluminum Recycling 

One of the simple, as well as effective ways for increasing aluminum recycling, is to pay a refundable deposit on all beverage containers sold in their jurisdictions. U.S. states (this is to be done by the government only). The States with a recycling percentage of 95% can sell 100 % cans.