Relax & Unwind: 7 Bedroom Improvement Tips That You Will Love

Do you believe that the bedroom is the most important space in the house? With many things going on around you, getting quality sleep is more important than ever. Aside from improving your concentration and productivity, a well-rested body boosts immune function, mental health, and even helps with weight loss. To enjoy these benefits, you need to create an environment that encourages better sleep. The first step is to create a functional and beautifully-designed bedroom.

Bedroom Essentials to Get

Before starting with your room improvement plans, you may have to throw out a few things so you can bring in new ones. Here are some smart and basic things that would make your sleeping experience better:

A comfortable mattress

You’ve heard about the story of the Princess and the Pea and although it sounds exaggerated, the value of a comfortable mattress can never be underplayed. The National Sleep Foundation asked Americans last year how important a mattress is for giving them a good night’s sleep. Over 90% said a comfortable bed is necessary.

Ideally, you have to replace your mattress every 8 to 10 years. However, if you wake up in pain most of the time, you have to replace your mattress as soon as you can.

Temperature Regulator

Your bedroom should be the right temperature — not too humid and not too cold. A room that is too humid will leave the skin, nasal passages, and throat feeling dry so it will not be comfortable to sleep in. On the other hand, a room that feels too cold will not let you sleep well either as your body will have to work hard to keep your body warm enough to function properly.

Fresh and Breathable Blankets

Your blankets and bed sheets need to keep you warm but they should not be too warm that you will wake up with a pile of sweat. Get cozy ones that will make sleeping more comfortable. Invest in cotton, linen, and wool blankets that are more breathable compared to polyester and other synthetic options.

Environment Blockers

Install night curtains if you love taking a nap or if you are working night shifts. You can also have an eye mask handy if you find it hard to snooze off or if light creeps into your room. Wearing ear plugs or using a white noise machine can also help.


If you find it hard to sleep, grab a book and read a few pages each night. A British Study found that a few minutes of reading reduces stress rates by nearly 70%. This also leaves you with a better option than browsing through your gadgets known for having blue light that leaves you more alert.

Tips to Improve Your Bedroom

If you are looking forward to having a great night’s sleep, here are some tips to improve your bedroom:

Use one colour

Using one colour helps in making your room look and feel more cozy. Just a word of caution — do not use bright colours in your room! Instead, opt for a slightly darker tone. You can take inspiration from interior decorating websites in Mississauga for guidance on the colour palette that looks good for bedrooms.

Get the most comfortable bed

Decorating your bedroom should not mean sacrificing the comfort of sleeping on a comfortable bed. If you’re working on a tight budget, you can check some furniture rentals around Toronto to see what kind of bed works best for you and your room.

In setting up your bed, make sure that the mattress is just the right softness. Also see to it that the bedding and duvet fit the bed.

Get a study desk

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Your room is not always an ideal place to study but having a desk accessible for when you want to work on something, read, and do other stuff is always a good idea. Just a word of caution: avoid using your laptop two hours before hitting the sack. Remember that blue light can affect the production of melatonin which gives you a good night’s sleep.

Organize your dresser

Do you know that a messy dresser can affect how you feel about your room? When you see clothes lying around and if you take a lot of time to figure out which clothes are fresh and which ones aren’t then it’s time to get serious about folding and arranging.

Clean up

A clean room is a pleasing space to retreat to at the end of the day. The busy lifestyle you have may not give you a lot of time in your hands to do all the cleaning at once but you can always break these into doable sections. Say, for this weekend you can start by folding the clothes and arranging the dresser. The next week, you can proceed with throwing away some things you are no longer using. In no time, you will have gotten each corner cleaned and organized.

Change the flooring

Do you have wooden floors that creak at your every move? This could be one of the aspects of your bedroom that need improvement. One thing that’s become popular is engineered flooring. This refers to layers of constructed layers of hardwood and plywood to make floors more durable. Ask a reputable engineered flooring installer in Toronto for some options to help you with your bedroom improvement.

Make it who you are

There are a lot of makeover references that you can check out online but still the best way to fix your space is to let it reflect your personality. Your home is a safe haven where you can express who you truly are. It also makes you feel more at ease when things are just how you want them to be. When arranging your room, take it upon yourself to push the bed where you wish for it to stay and add designs you feel glad of seeing every time you open your eyes.

Bedroom improvement should not be drastic and expensive. Sometimes, what you need is to let go of clutter and the items you no longer need. The bottom line, your bedroom is a sanctuary so add things that you feel most comfortable and enjoy a great sleep.