Resolving the Issue of Ewaste to Save Planet Earth

The present age situation is getting worse for the planet. Waste dumping has become a reality. It has become a serious danger for the environment and those living in it. According to environmentalists and experts, the planet requires recyclers who buy back electronics and manufacturers who prefer use second-generation resources. These steps will help consumers to get rid of e-waste in a responsible way.

Presently, India has been rated as the top 5 e-waste generating nations across the globe. This will play a significant role in producing the predictable 52.2 million tons of worldwide e-waste volume by the year 2021.

It is sad but true that only around 5 % of e-waste of India gets recycled owing to a number of reasons:

– Lack of awareness

– Poor infrastructure

– Poor policies

The environment can suffer from irreparable damage resulting in health concerns and enormous wastage of country’s valuable natural resources. Since 95% of e-waste of India runs through a disorganized sector (scrap dealers), there is an increasing requirement to address the issue.

Although several organizations and NGOs have tried to control the situation, the results aren’t visible. The new players in the industry are being very careful about converting stream of waste into profit stream. Employing the right technology can help precious materials in e-waste to be refurbished for profit.

Action plans that can help resolve the issue of recycling:

E-recycling Roadside

One of the best things you can do is to get businesses to compete with each other. This competition should be for collecting e-waste. This is quite different from remunerating collectors to recycle timeworn devices. It is helpful to install proper bins for ‘electronics’ on street corners. This is very helpful in motivating people to eliminate all kinds of e-waste in a responsible way. A number of apps are providing services these days. So, why not an app for collecting e-waste?


One of the tips is to inspire manufacturers to offer discounts and cash-backs against used devices. Although there are some websites selling refurbished devices across the nation, a lot should be done in this regard. Offering real rebates to consumers can cut down on the amount of e-waste those results in landfills. There is one more solution to this. One can submit a deposit when buying a device. This can be retrieved back when handing over the device to a certified recycling company.

Initiatives Run by Companies

It is crucial that organizations realize their responsibility towards disposal of e-waste. The best way to do this is through hands-on employee engagement undertakings. The project can be successful if various teams of an organization such as HR teams, CSR teams, and sustainability teams work collectively to promote these activities and offer attractive incentives to employees.

Spreading awareness is very important. Individuals and organizations should collectively make efforts towards educating people about the serious hazards of e-waste and illegal recycling on mankind and the planet.

Additionally, e waste recycling company that aren’t recognized or categorized as bulk consumers must contribute towards activities delivering detailed awareness to e-waste contributors.

Converting e-trash to cash is another great initiative one can work towards. Profit may come up as a good motivator but the e-waste issue can be resolved fully when all parties converge with a common vision of serving the environment. E-waste problem is not irreversible. Hence, the planet requires a future where recyclers can buy back electronics. All manufacturers must use second-generation materials. Additionally, consumers should get rid of e-waste responsibly.

To Sum Up

Talking about e-waste, spreading awareness and supporting recycling companies can help a great deal in reducing the impact of wrong practices of waste dumping.

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