Rice Purity Test – Check Your Innocence Score 2023 UPDATED

In order to gauge the innocence or purity of their peers, Rice University students created the survey known as the Rice Purity Test in the 1920s. The test consists of a series of inquiries into a person’s past experiences, present behaviour, and other potentially obscene or divisive subjects. The Rice Purity Test is  grown in popularity online with time, with numerous variations of the test being shared on net.

It is simultaneously employed as a tool for evaluating one’s own “purity” and “innocence,” or for contrasting one’s own experiences and things with those of friends or peers. The Rice Purity Test is not a scientifically amazing or reliable means to assess someone’s moral style, despite the fact that it may be viewed as a humorous or nice  way to pass the time. The test contains many subjective and interpreting questions, and it does not account for the number of cultural, societal, and personal elements that can affect a person’s experiences and behavior.

How is the Rice Purity Test Conducted?

The Rice Purity Test is a survey that asks a number of questions regarding a person’s past experiences and present actions. The test’s questions cover a wide range of themes as well as any other potentially offensive or divisive ones. The Rice Purity Test is often taken online, and participants are required to select a response from a list of alternatives for each question. Depending on the exam version being taken, the alternatives may differ, but they commonly offer options like “Yes,” “No,” or “Not applicable.”

Follow these steps to get the rice purity test results:

rice purity test

Visit the Rice Purity Test official website.

  • Select “begin test” from the menu.
  • Use the “Yes” or “no” clicks to respond to the 100 questions.
  • The purity test results will be given to you when you will end.

It is crucial to know that the Rice Purity Test is not a dependent or scientifically valid method of assessing someone’s moral sense. The test’s questions are on dicretion and susceptible to interpretation, and it deny the numerous cultural, societal, and personal aspects that may affect a person’s experiences and identity. In addon, as we have mentioned in the earlier comments, the test could be difficult for a variety of reasons.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to attribute any value to a person’s performance on the Rice Purity Test or to use it as a starting for conclusions about a person’s value or character. It is important to keep in mind that the exam should not be taken seriously and that it is not a immediate or accurate method of determining anyone’s value or deservingness.

The Innocence Test details:

The Rice Purity Test has been modified with additional quiz questions for teenagers, TikTok fans, college students, and others, and is now called the Innocence Test. To help people assess their own level of innocence or purity, Grace Wetsel (@50_shades_of_grace) and Ella Menashe (@ellemn0) developed the test. The Innocence Test consists of 100 questions that touch on a range of social, mental, and behavioral aspects.

By answering questions regarding their past experiences and present activities, it is meant to assist people in determining their own level of innocence or purity. It’s important to remember that the Innocence exam is not a dependable or scientifically good method of evaluating the moral character. The exam’s questions are arbitrary and suspected to interpretation, and it ignores the numbered of cultural, societal, and own aspects that might affect a person’s experiences and things.

How does it function?

The Rice Purity Test creates a connection between younger and older students, fostering a supportive collegiate environment rich in interpersonal relationships. Asking questions like “Have you ever cheated?” Or Do you know anything about marijuana? As you work to give them a profound grasp of who they are, push the envelope.

It is intended to be a lighthearted, enjoyable exercise that will enable friends get to know one another better. In this regard, it offers a priceless chance for personal development. Additionally, it helps unite kids who may need to discover their commonalities.

At the same time, it’s critical to realize that this test can also be used to discriminate against people and pass judgment on them. Having said that, it could be wise for college students to reconsider taking the Test before doing so because it might open them up to embarrassment or isolation. Before taking it, you must completely understand its effects so that you can be ready for any possible results.

The following components make up the test

Which will assess how well you comprehend the dangers connected to teen activities. You’ll be questioned about how you feel about doing drugs, smoking, drinking, and other behaviors, as well as how well you comprehend their possible negative effects. The aim is to determine either or not you are making well known judgments and whether one require more direction to do so. Evaluate the understanding of the potential risks associated with the actions and learn how to mitigate any kind risks. Test your understanding of risk management by answering a series of questions.

Boys’ Rice Purity Test: The Boys’ Rice Purity Test offers a special way for boys and young men to determine their moral purity. It focuses primarily on the male experience, delving into topics like romantic relationships and collegiate activities. It consists of a collection of 100 questions. Individuals learn about their personal “rice purity” through taking part.

Participants simply say “YES” or “NO” in response to the questions. Following completion, a purity score is determined on a scale from 0 to 100, with zero denoting a reduced degree of innocence and 100 denoting the pinnacle of purity. This purity score’s unraveling can be thought of as a transforming voyage of self-discovery and an adventure worth taking.

Rice purity test for women

The Girls’ Rice Purity Test is a method used to assess young girls’ level of innocence. The ‘Innocence Test,’ a 100-question questionnaire that explores personal experiences and helps respondents understand their degree of purity, consists of 100 questions in total.

A girl’s life path is covered in detail in the questionnaire, which could expose previously kept secrets. These inquiries relate to young women’s college experiences. The answers to these questions produce a purity score that provides insight into individual experiences.

Rice Purity Test on TikTok

rice purity test

The classic test is updated with the TikTok Rice Purity Test. Due to the test’s enormous popularity, social media platforms like TikTok have created their own versions of it that have been altered to reflect current society standards and challenges.

The TikTok version is different from the original since it uses a simpler framework and only poses ten questions. Each question that is answered with an activity completed results in a finger being lowered for the participant. The final score is added up by the remaining fingers, with a low number suggesting an adventurous character.

With this online version, there is no longer a need to download TikTok, making it ideal for today’s tech-savvy youngsters. All of the queries have been designed to examine the real life experiences of the younger generation today.


The Rice Purity Test is a confidential self-evaluation instrument used to assess a person’s perceived innocence or purity. This song serves as a fascinating conversation starter with friends, family, and strangers in addition to providing insight into how one evolves personally via different life situations. The exercise of taking the test can be instructive, offering a special perspective on one’s personal development since their youth.

It might be enlightening to go out on a trip of self-reflection and discover uncharted territory. The Rice Purity Test quiz can help spark interesting discussions on subjects that might otherwise be challenging to bring up. Through this non-judgmental approach, one is able to challenge their views and think about the constants and changes in life.

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