The year 2020 has tested us in every possible way. The entire world went through a paradigm shift to the ‘new normal.’ Thousands of employees lost their jobs, hundreds of businesses shut down, while many faced irrecoverable losses. It has taken a toll on our mental health and has tremendously re-shaped business activities. 

The new era is likely to look very different than what we see today. Not only will businesses be ineffably technology-dependent, but they will have very different approaches to their relationships and organizations. Leadership roles are likely to evolve. The growth of firms geographically and demographically, using big data, and introducing artificial intelligence will require effective leadership.

Leaders tend to model what they expect of their employees. It plays a primary role in boosting efficiency since they prepare young minds to become future leaders and envision company goals and developments. 

So, what exactly will be the role of the leaders in the new decade? Below, we have outlined a few expectations which businesses will have from their leaders starting from 2021. 


Education has become essential to succeed in any and every field. Irrespective of whether you are a company leader or an employee, having relevant education about your job is imperative. 

Degrees in leadership and management are likely to give you better exposure to the world’s needs. Usually, a bachelor’s degree suffices, but a master’s degree will allow you to focus on your area of interest significantly. For example, an online masters degree in management and leadership will help you improve your critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. All of which are essential qualities a leader should possess. 

Textbook education is as important as practical education. In fact, in this growing competitive world, you will find it very hard to succeed in your life without proper education, let alone become a leader. Hence, to get to a post as prime as a leader’s, you will need to study hard and work harder. 


Big data has become a significant component in business activities. It helps extract, analyze, and interpret large volumes of data that is not possible through traditional software. From data analysts, data scientists to marketeers, farmers, and retailers have all benefited mainly from the use of big data.  

A step ahead of big data is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In simple words, AI reflects a human in a machine without emotions or conscience. The evolution of AI has tremendously helped predict future behavior, accelerate decision-making, and reduce the chance of human error. 

Even though Big Data and AI are likely to precipitate in the future, depending on the two is not enough. Apart from focusing on big data and AI, leaders should also focus on building integrated learning loops. It helps collect insights on different data ecosystems and act on them by the use of algometric techniques. However, other social and political factors affect businesses and organizations as well. Leaders should keep these in mind to reach a better and more effective outcome. 

Similarly, leaders will need to learn to work on multiple timescales. While algorithms can build patterns in data, humans need to implement and act upon them. If a leader can get a human-machine relationship established in his organization, he has successfully worked on multiple timescales. However, this is much more complex than it sounds. It is a difficult task that includes a lot of reimagining, trust, and designing. 


Diversity is not only a social phenomenon but is also one that is increasingly transforming businesses. Research has shown that increased diversity in workplaces has vastly improved a business’s performance in the long-run. Diversity helps companies to achieve innovation and reinvention. Two factors essential to an organization’s growth. 

When workers from different cultural and social backgrounds put their skills and opinions on the table, identifying and solving a problem becomes much more manageable. Furthermore, it helps eradicate any unconscious biases and improves productivity. 

However, workplace diversity is not limited to gender, ethnic, and social differences but also includes differences of opinions, education level, and work experience. Leaders should also create an environment where effective communication is encouraged. A discussion of multiple ideas in top management is appreciated.

Lastly, diversity can prepare a business for unexpected occurrences. More ideas, opinions, and diverse skill-sets give organizations an advantage to prepare for the worst. 

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Everything mentioned above is integral to a business’s success in the future. Competition is growing abundantly; every company is trying to stay at the top of its game. The key here is to adapt to futuristic ideas and concepts, be ready for change, and build modern business values.  There is no doubt that a business’s success depends on how easily it can adapt to new technology. But remember, technology is best when it brings people together. Without the human brain and human effort, there is zero possibility for a business’s success. 

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