Rudraksh Immigration Group: Requirements For Travelling To New Zealand For Studies

One of the fastest upcoming off-beat destinations to study for Indian students is New Zealand. The country is an attractive alternative to the traditional locations like the US and UK. For students who are looking for a quiet and unique experience along with different culture and landscape, New Zealand might well be the country for you. Rudraksh Immigration Mohali has been experiencing a rise in the influx of students opting for some off-beat countries due to various reasons.

This article will inform you regarding all the details required to receive a successful study visa for New Zealand.

  • Visa Process

The most important aspect for any Indian student who wishes to study abroad is how complex or easy the visa application process is. Many people are afraid of the Visa interview. Rudraksh Consultants have been in the business for over 27 years now and prepare you well to ensure a smooth process. The Visa requirements for New Zealand are like most other countries. It requires you to have enough money to support yourself, pay the tuition fee and afford a health insurance and air tickets along with visa application fee.

  • Documents Required

The main documents required to apply for the visa are your letter of acceptance from an official education provider in New Zealand (this could be your school, university or other recognised institutes), proof of enough funds in your account to support yourself for the duration of the course, confirmed air tickets or proof of enough funds to book the air tickets, duly filled visa application form, passport-sized photographs, etc. You must be ready to give your fingerprints or let the officials take your photograph at the New Zealand embassy in India when you walk in for the interview.

  • What & Where To Study?

Generally, this is what you will start with. You must do a thorough research before making up your mind that you would like to study in New Zealand. You have to know the famous and recognised courses and the universities famous for those courses. You must ensure that the level of education offered at your chosen institute is world-class. It must be said that almost all the universities in New Zealand offer world-class education and courses. If you think this is too much work, you can also hire an agent and tell him/her your desire. They can suggest the corresponding universities and courses to you. They have vast experience of such details.

Once you have chosen the university, you must send an application there. This would require you to produce your academic certificates starting from your school until your latest educational qualification. You could also attach a Letter of Intent / Statement of Purpose to let the institute know why do you wish to study that particular course at that university. This will make your application more credible and purposeful.

The entire process might seem a bit too difficult and unknown to you at first. But the overseas consultants like Rudraksh Group in Mohali have been doing this for decades. They are the experts when it comes to overseas education and you could hire them to do the work for you. The visa application process will still take around 8 weeks to get completed. But at least, you won’t have to stress yourself out regarding every tiny detail. You could just wait and search for things you would do once you are in New Zealand.