Safety Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

So how do motorcycle accidents happen? You may see certain motorcyclists and wonder how they can operate their vehicle so fast and avoid accidents at the same time. Experienced riders know that the key to properly riding a bike is safety, as motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. If you are on a bike and you hit a car, the chances are that you may suffer severe damages while the driver and occupants of the car walked away without a single injury. 

If you wish to recover your motorcycle injury damages, you can consult a Portland personal injury attorney for advice, representation, or both. Meanwhile, a few safety tips will help you avoid hazards while riding on a bike. 

Safety tips for motorcyclists 

  1. Always wear a helmet. 

Wearing a helmet is the basic rule to safety. While you think covering just one part of your body won’t do much in protecting you from a hazard, helmets can significantly reduce your chances of head injuries in bike accidents. Injuries in the head can cause a lifelong impact on your body. Many states have now made it illegal to ride without a helmet. 

  1. Wear clothing that covers your body. 

If you like to ride fast, make sure you wear protective clothing. These include wearing long pants of thick and durable material such as leather, full sleeve jackets, sunglasses for protecting your eyes, and high-top shoes or boots to cover your ankles. 

  1. Avoid riding in bad weather conditions.

You should check the weather forecast and conditions before you head out for a ride. Riding on a sunny day is fine; however, riding in the rain or snow on slippery roads increases your chances of hazard. Rain can also reduce your visibility. 

  1. Maintain your bike. 

Ignoring the maintenance of your bike and warning signs of ruined bike parts can cost you your life. Keep a frequent check on your bike’s braking system, tires, headlamps, engine, turn signals, etc.

  1. Be seen on the road. 

You may think you are visible to other drivers, but you may be wrong. 75% of accidents occur because the motorcyclist was not visible. Wear bright-colored clothing and add reflective elements to your bike. Make sure to keep your headlights on, especially during the night. One important tip to remember is riding in the lane that makes you most visible to other drivers. 

  1. Watch out for road hazards. 

It is not a secret that tailgating can cause deadly accidents. It is always wise to stay at a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you so that it gives you time to stop in case of an emergency. 

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