Samurai Clothes and the Modern Clothing

The modern fashion industry incorporates entirely new design philosophies and rarely takes the ideas from the previous fashion trends. They are in pursuit of developing clothes that have a variety of characteristics. Innovation has carved the way forward for this industry and the designers haven’t looked back. 

On the other hand, Samurai clothes are known for their traditional Japanese look. Over the years Samurai culture has gained popularity among the masses. The driving force behind this popularity is the symbolism of the Samurai. Samurais are an icon of status, intelligence, and nobility. All of this backed by the ethical and moral values of Samurai has made it a household name. 

How Modern Clothing And Samurai Clothing Are Interlinked

Samurai clothes are known for their ease of movement and aiding the Samurais to maintain their speeds while fighting. The idea of samurai clothing is based on ease of movement and comfort. The armor of a Japanese samurai was already too heavy so the clothes were made to be as comfortable as possible. Shitagi, the shirt, and the hakama trousers have a loose fit and they have slits in them to accommodate the body movement of a samurai. 

A simple scroll through any modern fashion designer’s collection will show you a variety of clothes that have taken design cues from the samurai clothes. Loose fits and oversize clothes are the new trends. Simplicity and comfort are of epitome importance in these clothes. 

The haori is a traditional thigh-length jacket that is worn on a kimono. It has been transformed and updated to have a contemporary look in it by the modern clothing industry. The colors, texture, and fabrics used in samurai clothing are distinct and enchant the public into buying these. The samurai clothing and modern clothing have the same persona as a rockstar or a pop star. Wardrobes look dull and empty without these style choices.

The Influence Of These Two On Media

Electronic media has removed the communication barriers between people. Any news, trend, fad, and movement can not go unnoticed by its eye. People spend most of their time glued to the screens of their gadgets and it is the main source of their information. 

The survival of the fashion industry is based on electronic media because trends and fashion movements are started through this. A single pop-up or an Instagram post by a brand can have a butterfly effect. A chain reaction is initiated and the fashion freaks start flocking at the brand’s stores.

Similarly, the samurai culture( i.e clothes) has become a mainstay in the digital space. Movies and manga series depict samurai warriors. The development of samurai games for different gaming platforms such as Xbox and Playstation has also taken place. The samurai clothes are inspiring the outfits of characters and the comic cons have seen cosplayers dressing up as Samurais. 

Samurai-inspired graphic t-shirts are also available in the market. Accessories and home decor are also incorporating samurai culture. You can buy these to satisfy your craving for favorite samurai characters. You can visit Samurai Land’s website to view these.