Sans Memes: Everything You Need To Know About It

Sans is a non-playable protagonist in Undertale, a 2015 role-playing game. The character is one of the most well-known in the game, inspiring various memes as well as fanworks.

Emergence and Character: Sans Memes

Sans’ first showed up as a bonus in the Undertale demo in 2013, and also in a video produced for the game’s Kickstarter campaign. He subsequently made an appearance in the actual game, which was launched in 2015.

Sans is a skull who appears numerous times all through the game; while he is mainly a secondary character, based on the player’s actions, he may also serve as the game’s final boss, which is regarded as among the game’s most tough fights. He is portrayed in the game as a slacker and practical joker with a penchant for jokes, although with moments of sincerity, and resides in the Snowdin zone of the game along with his younger brother Papyrus.

Memes That Are Related: Sans Memes

You’re Going To Have A Hard Time

Sans says before his fight as the final boss, ‘You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time.’

Get Your Dunk On

The phrase ‘Get Dunked On’ became famous in the Undertale fan community after being used throughout Sans’ final boss battle. Sans will destroy the player if the player chooses to spare him, resulting in this phrase.


The song ‘Megalovania’ plays whereas the player battles Sans as the final boss. The game first appeared in Toby Fox’s EarthBound Halloween Hack before being reorganised for its presence in Undertale. It was initially organised as part of the soundtrack for the comic strip Homestuck before being reshuffled for its presence in Undertale.

The Reality of Sans / Sans Is Ness

The fan concept that Sans is truly the character Ness from the Super Nintendo role-playing game EarthBound is referred to as The Truth About Sans / Sans Is Ness. The Game Theorists’ original theory has been extensively criticised on the internet.

Sans Memes

Gaming without Sans

Sans Gaming is a sendup YouTube gaming channel named after the same-named Undertale protagonist.

Creative Touch

Sans appears in Super Smash Bros.

Sans in Smash is a joke about Sans appearing as a visitor fighter in the Nintendo party game Super Smash Bros. The protagonist showed up as a Mii Gunner costumer in the game.

Comic Sans font

Sans is decided to name after the well-known Comic Sans font. Sans’ conversation is mostly written in the font in the game. The webcomic Helvetica was influenced by the idea of affiliating skeletons with fonts.

Undertale Sans

Sans Undertale is a protagonist name that is commonly used in ironic Undertale puns.

Luminous Eye

Sans’ left eye will flash blue as well as orange at multiple moments during his battle as a final boss. This is frequently perceived as a flaming, glowing blue eye in fan works. This has become recognised as a main characteristic and is sometimes used to refer to the personality in some circumstances, such as edits.

Luminous Genitalia

Sans is sometimes given vibrant genitalia within Undertale Principle 34 due to his skeleton condition, which replicates his initially stated eye along with some of his threats during his boss battle. Inside the fandom, the idea is sometimes lambasted.

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