Sclerotherapy and Varicose Veins Treatment: What Are The Advantages?

Are you spotting twisted and enlarged veins in the legs and feet? Your picture-perfect summer can take a hit if the sight, caused by varicose veins, makes you shy away from rocking your favorite warm-weather outfit. Varicose veins are unsightly and could also cause aching and discomfort. They could also signal an underlying circulatory issue. Common symptoms include itching, bruising, discoloration, swollen and heavy legs. Such symptoms are easily self-diagnosable. Varicose veins might not cause significant pain or discomfort. Covington varicose veins treatment approaches vary, including self-care, devices, surgery, and medical procedures. Sclerotherapy is among the most popular medical procedures, and for good reasons. Among the advantages of the procedure includes:


Incision, stitches, and being put under; what else comes to mind when you think of surgery? Such concerns make surgery a less-attractive treatment option. Risks and complications associated with surgery can be scary. Anesthesia issues, infections, bleeding, and the recovery process makes surgery not the safest option. Sclerotherapy bypasses such concerns as it doesn’t involve cutting of any kind.

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure. It involves a sclerosant solution injection into the target vein. With ultrasound guidance, the injections are precise, making the approach safe and effective. You will get results without worrying about risks and side effects. This makes the approach ideal whether you are in it for cosmetic value or dealing with pain and discomfort varicose veins cause.

Comfortable recovery

Caring for an incision point and stitches during the recovery process is challenging. That is not the case with sclerotherapy since no surgery is done. The procedure is fast, typically taking an hour. It is an outpatient procedure. This means that you will be back to your routine shortly after the treatment. You are even encouraged to walk and exercise the leg muscles.

You still have to follow the post-procedure guidelines. For example, the specialist can tell you to avoid sun exposure or a hot bath 48 hours after treatment. Nonetheless, such measures hardly affect your routine. You might experience side effects like redness and itching at the injection site. This dissipates within a day or two at most, hence not a problem. Sclerotherapy lets you address varicose veins and regain your amazing looks with ease. This is since there is no downtime or routine alteration.


Sclerotherapy delivers amazing results with a high satisfaction rate. On average, a single treatment can result in over 80% of the treated veins disappearing. The veins will have disappeared within a few weeks, on average six. Larger varicose veins can take up to four months.

With high satisfaction rates, most people hardly need a second treatment. Once they have disappeared, the varicose veins don’t return. These are desirable results that let you rock that pair of shorts or dress. Enhanced leg appearance gives you wardrobe flexibility. What’s more, the procedure eliminates the malfunctioning valve. This means you will experience reduced pain and discomfort. Such results make the procedure a go-to for more than cosmetic value.

Treating varicose veins and ensuring they don’t return is a significant consideration. With the right procedure and specialist, the process won’t be overwhelming. Call or visit Louisiana Heart and Vascular Institute today for a consultation and noninvasive varicose veins treatment.

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