What SEO Trends do not work in 2019?

Some people highly believe in the famous saying, “old is gold”. Being a businessman or entrepreneur, you have to understand that old is not always the gold; especially when we are talking about SEO.

Every New Year comes with new plans, resolutions and business strategies. The technological world has also started 2019 with a bang along with plenty of new trends related to business and SEO. Some existing trends got out-dated as the preference of our audience keeps changing with time.

Now you must be wondering that how the knowledge of these out-dated trends can be beneficial for you. Well, maybe your company should be still using some of these. You should eliminate these old practices as it can affect your SEO in a negative manner in 2019.

  1. Writing for Robots:

In the last year, companies were more focused on producing content which was optimized for Google’s crawlers. Companies were targeting it because Google bots visit the websites to rank it. Hence, the content was created just for the sake of high ranking.

Well, Google robots are still going to evaluate your content in 2019 but, focusing only on them would be your mistake this year. Your website can get low rankings as the bots also take human behavior into account while accessing any website.

For instance, if you will use concrete terms and write confusing content that only bots can understand then, your audience will start avoiding your website. They won’t take a second in pressing the “back” button on the browser. The high bounce back rate can become a reason for the re-evaluation of your ranking by Google. This re-evaluation will result in a comparatively low ranking.

So, you have to look at the bigger picture in 2019. Write the content which is customer friendly and interactive. But, focus on optimization and ranking as well. Curating content considering only one side of the coin will not work in 2019.

  1. Keyword Stuffing:

Those days are gone when companies used to stuff the contents with numerous keywords. However, keywords still play a major role in search engine optimization. In the past, keywords density was among the metrics which were used to determine the rank of any website. Due to it, companies believed in stuffing more than the required keywords in any content.

Now, famous search engines such as Google have introduced new metrics to evaluate the worth and ranking of any page. So, keyword stuffing has lost its importance in 2019. Instead of it, businesses are now using a few long tail keywords which are proving beneficial for their search engine optimization.

In recent times, using too many keywords in a single post can become a disadvantage for your SEO ranking. The pages which are overloaded with keywords are considered low quality by Google.

So, try to curate interesting content with limited keywords that can attract your audience. You can also hire SEO experts in Delhi and other cities to know about the relevant keywords and place them in your content wisely.

  1. Using Exact Matches:

In the preceding years, using the exact keywords, anchor texts and in domains was one of the best SEO practices. These exact matches were holding great power when it comes to search engine rankings. But, an algorithm update in recent years made this trend out-dated. Now, Google sees such companies as spammers who use the exact matches.

The use of exact matches in anchor texts is now considered as something unnatural or artificial. It shows that companies are doing this just for the sake of high rankings. So, avoid using such matches in your content or website.

Using this technique in terms of keywords won’t be necessarily harmful but, it also not provides the results that it once did. Google now also consider synonyms or similar phrases in order to provide more valuable results to the searchers.

The motive of search engines like Google is to provide accurate and beneficial information to the audience. So, instead of focusing on the exact keywords you should try to understand the perspective of your audience and generate your content on that basis in 2019.

  1. Using Intrusive Ads:

The autoplay videos, chatbots and other elements that usually pop up on the screen when anyone opens a website are called intrusive ads. These ads are very annoying for the audience as they cover up the entire page or maximum space of a website. The ads disturb mobile searchers more as they are difficult to close on mobile phones. They ruin the experience of users by appearing on the screen without any notification or warning.

Google now started to understand all these problems faced by users due to these intrusive advertisements. With a new update in 2017, Google started to warn website owners that are using too many ads and pop-ups. Companies still didn’t stop such practices as the ads help them in business and marketing.

Mobile web traffic is increasing with every passing year. So, Google is taking harsh steps towards such ads and websites by affecting their rankings. These intrusive ads can become a curse for you in 2019. Google is punishing only those websites that serve any pop-ups or ads immediately arriving at the homepage. This policy doesn’t consider cookies notification and any other important warning.

Apart from that, you can add these advertisements on other pages of your website to save it from getting low ranking. You could use them as long as they are not on the first or homepage and not disturbing the users’ experience. Otherwise, try alternative ways of marketing as these advertisements are not much effective in 2019.

Save your company from using wrong or out-of-date practices by contacting SEO experts in Delhi. If you reside in any other city then, you can find SEO experts over there as well. Awareness is very important for your business and SEO ranking this year. So, be receptive.

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