What is Shrink Wrap? Get complete information about Shrink Wrapping

What is Shrink Wrap?

Retractable wrappers are made of polymeric plastic that firmly covers any object with the application of heat. A shrinking machine is used to apply heat to these wraps. These are lightweight and can be used to wrap any material.

The heavier counterpart of these casings is used for industrial purposes. They are used to cover large equipment, large construction scaffolding such as those used in the construction of bridges and buildings, helicopters and other large vehicles. They are also used for storage and other business operations. These are highly versatile materials that have a wide range of applications. Their use for a variety of purposes makes them very popular.

Use in natural disasters

They have a high use in times of natural calamities and disasters during which they are used to eliminate hazardous materials.

Any item is wrapped using these films using a roll designed for shrink wrap. Once the film surrounds the object, a hot air gun, oven or shrink tunnel is used to shrink the film tightly around the object.

Heat gun: a heat gun is a device that exudes heat. This heat is in the form of hot air flow. The device itself resembles a hair dryer and operates at high temperatures.

Oven – Basically it is a chamber with thermal insulation. An oven is similar to the one used in your home for the purpose of heating, baking or drying. It works according to the same principles in which your domestic oven works.

Shrink Tunnel – A shrink tunnel is a heated tunnel mounted on or around a conveyor belt. The film is passed to create the desired result.

Retractable wraps are used to shrink in one direction (unidirectional) or two (bidirectional). While manufactured, these films are heated and then cooled to achieve a stretched position. They remain that way until they are applied to an element and reheated. In this way, the film is reduced to its original shape and covers the object with force.

Value added

These films add quality to their products. They improve the value of their products and make them attractive to the eyes. In addition to being very useful, they give a great look to any product and make it even more valuable. In addition, you can use the shrink wrap to create tamper-proof packaging on items such as CDs, DVDs, stationery, games and software.


Meanwhile, technology continues to evolve and more varieties of shrink films reach the market. They are improving in terms of shrinkage, sealing capacity, optics, and hardness and sliding. All this has made them the most sought after packaging material in all industrial sectors. They are contributing to a series of areas that include production, distribution and even construction.

You might wonder how the shrink wrap technology can be beneficial for your car. If you are planning to transport the car from one place to another, in a far distance, the best way to cover it is to have it shrink wrapped. In the event that you also wanted to store your car for a longer period of time, shrink wrapping is the best solution.