Simple tips to break weight plateau and burn lower belly fat

If you have tried everything, and still cannot reduce belly fat, then you need to know some regular habits that can prevent you from achieving your goals of weight loss. You may be doing everything perfect from daily exercise to a good diet, but it is important to understand and change some of the common habits where you might be going opposite.

These days, lower belly fat has become a common concern for several people; it can make you extremely uncomfortable if you are getting ready for the summer. Aside from being unattractive, lower belly fat is unhealthy, and letting it stay there can be the reason for several health problems. Along with regular exercise, what you eat and how you eat, it plays a vital role in the build-up of undesired fat in your body.

In short, this is all about your lifestyle. If you are looking to lose lower belly fat, this is a simple truth that you will have to change your lifestyle and follow a healthy lifestyle that involves the right eating habits and healthy foods. There are some quick and easy tips by Lavleen Kaur to break weight plateau and burn lower belly fat. Take a look:

Move your body for good blood circulation

Not moving your body for a long hour is one of the reasons that you are not losing lower belly fat. To break the weight plateau and lose lower belly fat, you need to move your body after every 30 minutes. As much as you will move your body, your body will have good blood circulation, which is very important to lose lower belly fat.

Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes. Many people think if they should walk or move after a meal. Yes, any kind of mild body movement or a walk after your main meal helps your body to easily digest the eaten food. 

Include raw vegetables in your diet

It is very imperative to consume raw vegetables, especially when you are following a diet plan for weight loss. Raw vegetables are a great source of fiber and nutrition, which help you in lower belly fat reduction. You can include raw vegetables like carrots, radish, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, etc, or simply you can make a salad of these vegetables to add some twist to your meal.

You can include raw vegetables like carrots, radish, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, etc in your diet plan, or simply you can make a salad of these vegetables to add some twist to your meal. This not only helps in portion control throughout your main meals but encourages a type of gut bacteria that eases digestion in your stomach.

This is required because a good digestive tract enables your system to receive nutrients and eliminate waste, overcoming problems of bloating, gas, etc. This will be the solution to reducing your lower belly fat. Cooked food usually lacks the essential nutrients and vitamins that our body wants. Experts always suggest eating more raw food because the nutritional value of vitamins is extremely higher in raw food which also boosts your immunity. 

Proper intake of protein

Next thing is about protein. It plays a very important role in weight loss. Good quality of protein helps you to reduce extra belly fat. There are so many sources of protein like nuts, seeds, soya products, cottage cheese or paneer, etc.

You can include these sources of protein, especially if you are vegetarian. Along with these, you can include grilled or roasted chicken and fish, if you are non-vegetarian. 

Include strength training

Along with the above diet considerations, you need to include strength training in your lifestyle. This muscle training will help you to build up your muscle and change your body composition as well as burn extra fat around your stomach. 

Besides the above things, the portion size is also very important. Simply you can include a plate system that has portions. It helps you to control your portions so that you can avoid overeating. Moreover, you need to control your stress level to improve your fat burning capacity. 

Conclusion Weight loss should not be the only purpose; it is good to work towards lifestyle modification so that you can maintain that weight for life long. Now you know the proper way of right eating. Simply making small modifications to your eating habits can help you to lose belly fat easily.

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