Simple yet useful: 4 vehicle maintenance tips for everyone to know

Negligence is perhaps the worst thing we do with the vehicles! As humans, it often hurts when neglected so cars feel the same, in terms of performance that is! When your vehicle don’t get the care it deserves, it’s likely to rebel and would fail serving you when needed most. No doubt it costs some cash and you don’t feel like spending some, the end result would be a rundown vehicle which is totally unsafe to drive. Here’re a few simple and rather useful maintenance tips to comply;

  1. Don’t throw away the car manual

A car manual always comes in handy with simplest and most basic care techniques to keep it in shape yet most drivers care least about it. And when it comes to bigger vehicles such as Range Rover service in Dubai, a user-guide/manual is the first thing you’d want to have! Keep the guidebook in the glove compartment and refer to it for essential details such as preferred tyre pressure, scheduling maintenance, dashboard lights, and what they mean so on. Following the recommendations as outlined in the manual would ensure the longevity of the car. If you don’t have at the moment or you lost your user manual, or you just don’t want that book to take up your space in your glove compartment, then you should know that you can also find manuals for your car online at

  1. Regular upkeep is crucial

Routine maintenance is the best practise to keep a car in good shape and by ‘routine’ we mean simple checks and evaluations after every day or two. While it helps fixing small problems and glitches, it also saves a driver from bigger expenses all at once! The oil change is always on top of the list with regular maintenance and the general rule of thumb is doing so after a new car covers 5,000 miles whereas 3,000 for older vehicles that are models released back in 2002 or earlier. Auto ecm programming specifically manages such things as fuel/air mixture and engine timing, an indication that this computer is failing is when the engine runs rough, stalls sporadically, or even refuses to start. If this part is not functioning correctly, you can get the replacement from

  1. Be mindful of the tyres

Over and under-inflation, general wear and tear, decreased tread wear and other such are a few common car tyre issues to keep an eye on. Check tyre pressure at least once a month and again, vehicle’s user manual or instruction label at the door side probably mention the recommended tyre pressure as well as type most suitable per the vehicle’s build and other essential details. Well-maintained tyres prevent accidents to a certain extent as well as helps in reducing fuel consumption.

Unusual sound, smell & movement are a few tell-tale signs of immediate car maintenance. Grinding or pounding-like sound, sweet and pungent smell as of a burnt rubber and odd movements like a vibrating vehicle every time you start are a few common indications.Low oil, misaligned wheels and faulty electrical components are a few problems that require immediate patch-up else the vehicle would give up any time without any prior warning.

  1. Windshield wipers & lights

Both windshield wipers and headlights are important for better visibility, especially in rainy and foggy season. Simply check both before heading out and make necessary replacement/adjustments if needed. Sometimes, all you need is cleaning these for better performance!


Whether its Range Rover service in Dubai or any other vehicle, taking good care of the car eventually means it’ll take good care of you thus promising a smooth and safe drive always.