Smartphone theft: how to protect your device?

 Phone theft is annoying and frustrating. Here’s how to protect your device:

 – Remember to lock your phone, so that thieves cannot unlock it and use it. With an encrypted code, or as most phones now allow, a fingerprint reader or even facial recognition, only you can access it.

 – Back up your personal data regularly, on the cloud or your computer, for example. That way, if it is stolen, you can easily retrieve it. Another possibility is to encrypt your data so that it cannot be used by a thief.

 – It is also advisable to keep the IMEI number of your phone in a safe place. This is the serial number of the phone and will be requested when filing a complaint or by your operator to suspend your line. This is also a number that you should write down if you are thinking about selling your phone.

 – No one is safe from having their mobile phone stolen. It happens so quickly. So, to protect yourself from a major expense in the event of theft, don’t forget to take out mobile insurance.

Almost all mobile phone insurance policies cover theft. In this case, theft by mugging, breaking and entering are systematically included. Very often, pickpocketing and theft on the run are also covered.

What you should do when your Smartphone was stolen

Having your phone stolen is something that nobody likes to experience. Instead of beating yourself up about having left it openly on the table of the bar you went to the other day or leaving your bag unattended, remember that is something that happens to many people. Take advice from others who have had to deal with similar situations and find the best solution.

  • Immediately contact your carrier to avoid any costs incurred because of someone else using it to make phone calls or purchases.
  • Activate the geolocation option on your phone.
  • Remotely lock it to make it unusable and/or erase the data. 
  • Contact your mobile phone insurance provider to see if you can get a replacement or a discount on a new phone.
  • Change your passwords, just to be safe

The police has more information on what to do if your phone gets stolen. Its best to protect yourself as soon as you receive a new phone. For example, by downloading a tracking app, which will enable you to locate it. Apps used to track your phone will usually allow you to remotely activate a ringing sound on the device or even provide a way for anyone who may have found it to contact you.