Solar Products That Are Frequently Used Across Industries

Solar products like solar panels are installed on rooftops in residential areas, offices, or solar parks for generating electricity. A solar product supplier like BLJ solar product supplier has a collection of products like solar batteries, portable power stations, and commercial energy storage units. 

Solar Power Harnessing: What Goes Into It

Most people are aware of solar panels and storage batteries, but they do not know much about the various types of panels/ batteries. This blog post gives a detailed idea of the solar products that go into assembling a solar power production system.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are flat, rectangular film-like structures that are mounted on rooftops and large open areas to trap solar energy during the daytime. Solar panels can be classified based on the material that goes into making them. Apart from this, solar panels can be classified into monocrystalline or polycrystalline based on the presence of pure silicon crystals or different types of silicon crystals. 

Monocrystalline panels are expensive as the production of a pure silicon crystal causes a lot of wastage. However, single pure crystals last for a long time. Polycrystalline panels, on the other hand, are less efficient in energy conversion, and they also have lower heat tolerance. This means that polycrystalline panels are not useful in hot tropical regions of the world. 

A third type of panel, known as a passive emitter panel, is the most efficient panel in terms of its ability to store solar energy. As the name suggests, these panels emit back any energy that escapes, which tremendously increases their efficiency.

Solar Batters (Power Storage Units)

The energy produced by the panels must be stored for use later. The energy process is stored in storage units like lead acid or nickel-cadmium cells. All types of energy storage units perform the same function, but they vary in energy density, discharge capacity, durability, ease of usage, etc.

Portable Power Station

Solar power units are usually large. Large panels capture light, which is concentrated in a small area so that a conductive fluid can be superheated to form steam, which in turn can start a thermodynamic cycle. In contrast to the large-scale renewable (solar) energy plants, portable solar power stations exist. 

These units are the size of a travel bag, and they are useful for people who want to go on treks, excursions, or outdoor sporting events. The power-producing ability or the wattage of each of these portable power-producing units varies from 150 Watts to 3600 Watts. Some of these portable units have simultaneous charge-discharge functions, and most of them weigh around six to eight kilograms.


Solar energy production units have become quite popular in the present time. Some of the largest solar energy-producing plants have an energy capacity of two Gigawatts. As the popularity of renewable power grows, further solar products will be in great demand. So, if you wish to make a profitable as well as eco-friendly investment by setting up a solar energy production unit, it is best to know in detail about solar products.


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