Solutions to Restore Your Injured Knee’s Health

Most people who participate in sports require vigorous exercise to stay in shape. Suppose you are a sportsperson, you are likely to injure your knee because it has a sensitive joint. The knee joint undergoes frequent movement making it susceptible to a variety of injuries on the bone, and other parts joining at knee area. Knee injuries surmount to 41% of sports injuries experiences. However, with Dr. Zachary K Perlman, you don’t have to worry much about such injuries. He is a specialist with vast experience in handling knee injury to many patients. If you have a knee injury of any kind, below are solutions that he recommends in restoring your knee injury.

Surgical Procedures

When you develop a serious knee injury, the doctor might advise surgery if your joint pains become intolerable and you are unable to respond to non-surgical procedures. Depending on the severity of your injuries, the following surgical procedure can be used for your treatment.

Your doctor may perform arthroscopy surgery to repair damaged tissues or remove any detected debris, such as bone pieces, to preserve your joint tissue. During arthroscopic surgery, your doctor will use a sophisticated camera to examine the impacted area inside the knee. The affected parts will then be repaired using a non-invasive technique. The doctor may also recommend an osteotomy procedure or total knee removal in some instances, to realign the bones on your knee and relieve pressure.

Keeping a Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you are obese, lowering weight can help lessen knee pain by reducing joint strain and thereby alleviating injury symptoms. Other health risks, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, can be mitigated by losing weight. If you have a knee injury and you are obese, it would help if you can work out to lose weight.

Steroid Injections

To treat your knee’s extreme pain and inflammation, your doctor may use corticosteroids or glucocorticoids as injections. This medicine provides a temporary reduction in discomfort and inflammation. Steroids injection is not a long term solution for your knee injury because it has harmful side effects. Therefore, your doctor will use it for short term treatment.

Mobilization of Tissue

When you have a knee injury, tissue mobilization is intended to assist in rehydrating the connective tissue. Along with breaking up micro adhesions and aligning collagen fibers. This technique also stimulates and boosts the creation of ground material. You will experience enhanced soft tissue, less knee stress, and better knee functionality as a result.

Dry Needling

When a knee injury results in light muscles, a dry needling therapy can be useful. This method will be employed by your doctor to relax the tight muscles, enhance blood flow to the surrounding areas, and lessen joint pain. Orthopedics frequently uses dry needling to treat knee pain as well as other ailments to the hip, shoulder, and back.

Knee pain may go away if it is not severe. However, if your aches persist or are severe, causing swelling and stopping your leg from moving, it is critical to avoid self-diagnosis and seek emergency medical assistance. At Kai Sports Medicine, you will find the greatest specialist to ensure that your knee injury heals completely. Schedule an online consultation with a clinic professional to discuss your issue and treatment options.

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