Some Most Important Remote Working Tools That You Must Try

  • Slack

Slack is a remote working tool that is an extremely popular tool for communication which is a combination of text, audio, and video features. This is the complete and convenient package of communication. You can organize the conversation into different channels according to team members, projects, and team members are allowed to join or leave any channel at any time. You can also use the feature of searching history which allows the user to find the previous history of the chat and the information shared by the participants. Slack will allow you to share important documents such as PDF, pictures, and videos. In a nutshell, slack is considered as the best and powerful communication tool which is popular around the world.

  • High-five

While slack allows you to interact through video chat, High-five was made from the ground to fulfill this purpose. It is also a video calling application that can be used by many popular brands like the Rolling Stone and Harry’s. Distinct from other video conferencing applications, you can easily host meetings with this remote working tool. You do not need to use pins in this application.  You only need to click on the scheduled meeting and begin to participate in the meeting. There is no limit to hosting the meeting and time is also not fixed. With some great features, High-five is an incredible tool amongst all remote working tools.

  • FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is software that can be used to change the regular PDF files into the attractive Flipbook which can be shared with your employees and workers. You can also share these flipbooks outside your organization. This remote working tool can be helpful in every field such as business, teaching, and so on. You can engage your customers with interactive brochures, magazines, a catalog that are created with this tool.

  • CloudApp

CloudApp is a new visual conversation tool that allows you to bring screen and recording of webcam. You can also create GIF and picture annotation with this remote working tool. Now it is not compulsory to type long messages in e-mails to the remote co-workers. Rather than this, you can use CloudApp to record a voice message through the webcam of the PC. You can also record your screen and show accurate processes and work procedures for others in the company. If there is a need for more clarity, you can use the feature of annotation in CloudApp to add circles, text box, arrow, highlights, and add more to pictures and videos to focus on specific elements.

CloudApp is a combination of many features but it is very simple and easy to use. You can create a screenshot or make recordings in some clicks and you can upload them to your personal CloudApp library. When there is a need to send your created content to your co-workers, you can drag and drop the saved content into an e-mail and send it to your employees. This remote working tool is free to use and very helpful for the employees who are working remotely and they need much clarification and spe