Spine Health: Painful Conditions & Effective Treatments

Around 16 million adults (8%) in the USA experience persistent or chronic back pain. With this said, back pain or spine pain is the 6th most costly condition in the USA. Americans spend around $12 billion every year on healthcare.

Such whopping statistics for spine pain make us wonder if we’re underrating physical health. According to some surveys, back pain is the leading cause of work-loss days. Moreover, it affects adults irrespective of their age or income.

Lower back pain remains most common because of lumbar sprains and strains. The lumbar area (lower back), cervical area (neck), and thoracic spine are sources of spinal pain where the latter is less frequent. One of the popular oral medications for minimizing lumbar sprains is Pain O Soma which we will discover later in this read.

What makes lumbar & cervical spine pain so common?

Our routine life activities levy load on our body, especially the lumbar spine. It bears the heavy-lifting pressure and is involved in movement, twisting, and bending. Thus, it is more prone to wear and tear. The muscles in the lumbar region undergo sprain and strains due to abnormal stretching. Such painful condition emerges from sudden injuries or gradual overuse of the spine. It causes inflammation of the soft tissues which further leads to pain and muscle spasms later.

Luckily, a lumbar sprain can be treated with oral medications like Pain O Soma 500 and might not require neurosurgical aid. However, a spinal sprain may require immediate neurosurgical attention. It is because spinal pain isn’t just limited to discomfort in the spinal cord but the painful sensations extend to limbs and ribcages. Moreover, the patient may feel discomfort in the anterior chest too.

Spinal Pain Symptoms

So, when do you know if you’re just having back pain or it has grown into spinal pain? Here are the symptoms to look for:

  • The lower back area stiffens and restricts smooth movements
  • Pain disallows patient to maintain normal posture
  • Muscle spasms show up whether doing any activities or resting
  • Back pain lasts for 14 days or more
  • Certain motor functions cannot be performed
  • Working out with back gets difficult

How is spinal pain diagnosed?

Many times, patients visiting the doctor with complaints of back pain may be prescribed with Pain O Soma 500mg tablets or Carisoprodol 350 mg tablet. It is a mild dosage that blocks the communication between the nerves and the brain and so pain isn’t felt. Such medications work best for treating muscle spasms in short term. However, before any such treatment option is prescribed, doctors will look into the triggers of spinal pain or lumbar back pain. So, how it is diagnosed?

The following clinical tests are mostly chosen to determine the severity of pain. Depending on the patient’s symptoms and the requirements to treat, these tests may be prescribed respectively:

  • X-Ray
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging i.e. MRI
  • CT Scan with 3-D Reconstruction
  • Electromyography

Effective Treatments for Spinal Pain

The treatments for spinal pain can be broadly categorized as surgical and non-surgical ones.

Surgical treatments are suggested to patients with herniated discs in the lower back, neck, or thoracic spine. In such cases, doctors may prefer artificial disc surgery as an effective treatment option. Some medicines like Pain O Soma 350 might be prescribed post-surgery along with other pain relief medications for better recovery. No wonder the patient is recommended to rest for a few months until recovers and becomes able to return to routine life activities. Along with this, certain activities are restricted so that the patient doesn’t return to painful spinal conditions.

If the symptoms are critical and the pain is growing worse than surgical treatment might be a better option. Non-surgical treatment may be suggested to those having acute muscle spasms or lumbar pain in the initial stages.

For instance, Soma 350 mg is an oral medication that can treat a lumbar sprain or acute muscle spasms effectively. The need for surgery can be eliminated. However, some critical spinal pain issues cannot be treated this easily and surgeries become inevitable.

The Bottom Line

Whether your back pain is acute or major, don’t ignore it. If it is a bit then you may have home remedies like hot water bag support and see if the pain subsides. In case if the pain isn’t settling down and has started disturbing life activities then alert! Consider visiting a neurosurgeon as soon as possible. Discuss your symptoms For immediate medical attention urgent care on Hempstead Turnpike is available for prompt medical care from professionals who can assess your condition and provide effective treatment options. and get effective treatment.

Also, don’t forget to change your habits. The way you sit, stand, lift heavy stuff, or maintain your good posture makes a lot of difference to your spinal health. It’s better if your pain can be treated with oral medicines, but surgeries could be life-changing at times. Thus, prevention is better than cure, always!

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