Spokane Tribe Casino : Latest News Update

One News got viral in the worldwide media, and that news about the spokane tribe casino accident, so in this blog we are going to reveal the news on it, so read continue.

This Tuesday morning, a serious accident occurred at the construction sight in Airway Heights, near Spokane Tribe Casino, This incident happened in the morning at about 9:30 am. It was a Tuesday morning and not many people were present that time at the construction site. One person died in this accident and It happened in a hotel near Spokane Tribe Casino. Some “ Chaplains and Health and services “workers were there to assist and support the workers of that Construction site called Casino and Swinerton Construction. 

Javier De La Rosa, General Manager of spokane tribe casino accident said in a press conference that they have received the call about the accident on their construction site and are sad by the news of one deceased worker on-site in that accident. She refused to disclose anything more about this incident. Though the investigation of this incident is already going on. Construction company, Swinerton, released a statement on their website regarding this accident saying that the death of the worker in this incident is due to the collapsing of formwork.

Javier De La Rose said that they will continue to release more updates on this incident as they got information from different agencies in this incident. The Chief of Airway Heights Police, Brad Richmond was also present with De La Rose at the press conference. De La Rose also said that the families and workers that were on site are “ forefront of our prayers “. 

According to Swinerton, their management teams are working regularly with investigation agencies to discover the actual reason behind this hazardous incident. They also said that circumstances at that time were not clear or proven at the moment so they can’t comment on what may have been the exact cause. Their top priority is Safety and it’s their responsibility to find out why this incident occurs, at the time of these types of incidents.

The construction site has been closed till this Thursday and they are continuously collaborating with the Occupational Safety and Health Agency and local Law Enforcement regarding the incident. 

Rick Bennett also released his words on this incident saying that he was going toward the casino’s front door after completing a job nearby when he heard the sound when he said that sounded like an explosion. He also said that “It shooked the ground” and that’s the loudest he heard to date. After he was done with the meeting at Spokane Tribe Casino, he saw some big construction goods on the ground near the construction site and the workers were peeking on to the side of the ground.