Spotify has established itself as one of the most popular multimedia internet features all over the world, and one of the best ways to listen to music on a variety of devices. It not only allows you unrestricted access to a vast range of songs, but it also offers personalized recommendations and pre-made playlists to fit any budget or lifestyle. Spotify membership plans are divided into two categories: free and premium. According to Spotify, regardless of your subscription package, you can access the massive library of over 30 million songs. However, only the most basic features are available for free, with certain restrictions, while additional features such as Spotify Link, remote access, music streaming speed, and Shuffle mode are only available to paid members. Spotify set some limits and restrictions for the free subscription package in order to have a more personalized listening experience, thus allowing top-tier clients unlimited advertisement-free access. The majority of this article considers the two Spotify subscription plans from various perspectives, including importance, highlights, and viewing efficiency. Increase in spotify monthly listners can help the artists to gain popularity. If you just think about the music and don’t like the annoying ads, or if sound quality isn’t important to you, you can opt for the Spotify Free plan. That will suffice perfectly. Choose the outstanding arrangement unless you don’t want to compromise on sound consistency. Apart from the superior sound quality, the top-tier Spotify package has a slew of features, including disconnected support, Spotify Link, and that’s just the beginning. Let’s look at their differences in depth. 

  • Audio:

Spotify Free and Premium have a lot more to do than just the highlights. The major difference is the sound quality, which is extremely important. While a premium Spotify subscription allows you to listen to music at a bitrate of 320 kbps, Spotify Free only allows users to listen to music at 96 kbps on mobile devices and 160 kbps on desktop computers. Although low bitrates were noticeable when data use was limited due to higher costs, using high bitrate sound when network speeds are skyrocketing, and rates are fair does not bode well. Since the web network in India is still sketchy in many areas, these features can help users in deciding on facts. 

  • Accessibility

Any songs will not play in the free version, and you will almost certainly listen to music only in Shuffle mode or pre-made playlists when using the mobile app (the two iOS and Android). However, you can obviously use the desktop and online interfaces to enjoy a problem-free listening environment with access to a vast range of tracks and playlists. Premium, on the other hand, allows you unrestricted access to a vast variety of songs, which means you can listen to any song or playlist at any time, whether you’re using the mobile app or the desktop version.

  • Playbacks

Spotify users in various countries can only listen to six songs in an hour, and Spotify uses mix play, which allows users to pick what they want to listen to, and if they choose to listen to a single track, they can add it to the line and expect it to come on. Fortunately, Spotify has not implemented track skip breaking point or Shuffle Play, so users can simply skip and play the music. Spotify Premium, on the other hand, has no such restrictions, allowing users to tap and play whatever track they want, whenever they want. While there is no good excuse to use Shuffle Play, users should do so if they want to mix and match. Users will also search for any song or sequence of songs, whether it’s from an album, compilation, regular mixes, or radio broadcasts. 

  • Offline access

Although Spotify Free has a large catalogue comparable to Spotify Premium, it does not support offline listening. This essentially means that Spotify Free does not have track downloads, while Spotify Premium does. Spotify Premium allows you to download up to 10,000 songs through five devices and listen to albums, collections, and stream audio files without needing to be connected to the internet. When in a rush or when mobile organizations aren’t reliable, this component may also save personal data.

  • Ads

If you want the Spotify Free plan, you will be able to browse and listen to a large number of songs in the Spotify catalogue, but you will be subjected to annoying advertisements. After a couple of songs, a brief advertisement or two will play, interrupting your stream and disrupting your listening experience. Spotify Premium, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy music without interruptions by excluding all advertisements from the songs, regardless of the device you’re using.

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Spotify Premium membership includes access to Spotify Connect, which allows you to expand your music real-time functionality beyond the device you use to listen to music. Using a variety of devices, you can control how and where your favorite music is played. You can quickly switch from your portable to your speaker without interrupting playback, allowing continuous advances between your device and remote speakers in the past. Also, if you’re a budding artist whose been uploading the music to Spotify, having a few plays from a third-party platform can help you gain acclaim faster and get customers to listen to your sound on high-quality sound.  And hence, premium is probably the best and perfect decision to opt for and to investment in for all the music lovers.