St Kitts vs Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship programs

Schemes of obtaining a new passport in exchange for investment have been known for a long time. Many states offer algorithms under different conditions. Periodically, legislation changes the requirements, makes adjustments to the cost. Many states appoint licensed agencies, which draw up and submit applications on behalf of their clients.


St. Kitts and Antigua are two destinations that are popular with migrants. Understandable conditions, promising advantages and affordable costs have influenced the interest of foreigners. How to choose the best program? It is necessary to understand all the nuances of each of them.

St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment

This state’s algorithm has been a leader among similar programs for many years. St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship provides seamless travel across a hundred and fifty republics. The algorithm is one of the oldest; it has been in effect for over 40 years.


The primary applicant for st Kitts and Nevis citizenship program must be of legal age, not wanted, and have no criminal record. The cosmopolitan’s income must be stable and legal. Spouses and other relatives can be listed on the application:

  • heirs under 25 years of age;
  • unmarried siblings under 25 years of age;
  • older generation 55+.

All relatives other than spouses applying for st Kitts and Nevis second passport must be supported by the lead applicant.

Investment Options

Under the terms of the st Kitts citizenship by investment program, a cosmopolitan is offered two ways to invest:

  1. A non-refundable contribution to a government fund. The amount of the contribution is $150,000.
  2. Acquisition of a share in a hotel. For family applications, the minimum value is $200,000, while for a single applicant it is $400,000.

In addition, migrants undergo a background check. $7,500 for a single applicant or $4,000 per family.

Despite the fact that the first option is much cheaper, the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach notes that investors are more willing to buy apartments that can make a profit, and after the mandatory time of ownership they can be sold. The passport of the region is valid for 10 years, and then automatically renewed.

Processing Time and Procedure

The process of processing and obtaining documentation is as follows:

  1. Make an agreement with a licensed agent and prepare the necessary paperwork. 
  2. The specialist conducts a preliminary check of the documents and evaluates the chances of approving the application. 
  3. The next step is to translate and notarize all the papers and fill out the application form. 
  4. Submission of the application to the State Department. 
  5. Verification of applicants over the age of 16 by government agencies. 
  6. If the screening is successful, the applicant gets  an approval and must meet the investment conditions within three months. 
  7. After confirmation of all financial transactions within one month, the investor receives the documents. 

Compliance with all the requirements and guidance of the agent contributes to shortening the time to obtain citizenship. On average, the process lasts from 2 months to six months.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

Unlike the previous program, this scheme has only been in effect for 10 years. But during this time Antigua citizenship by investment has become popular among foreign nationals. Antigua passport holders are eligible  to travel to 150 republics around the planet. Unlike the program of St. Kitts, this region has additional requirements for its residents. Let’s take a closer look.


As for the principal applicant, the requirements are the same as in many countries. Under the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program it is also possible to include siblings, and for siblings there are even no age restrictions. In contrast to the previous scheme, children under the age of 30 are allowed to be included in the application.

For the first five years, cosmopolitans are obliged to spend at least five days a year in the state. This is a prerequisite for maintaining status. Antigua and Barbuda second passport is valid for five years, and then it must be renewed for the same period. Among other things, each new citizen of Antigua and Barbuda must take an oath. This is a mandatory point in obtaining citizenship.

Investment Options

There are four naturalization options available to applicants under the law:

  1. Contribution to a government fund. The minimum value is 100 thousand dollars.
  2. Ownership of real estate – from 200 thousand dollars.
  3. Contribution to business development. From $400,000.
  4. Family applications (6 or more members) can make a donation to the University of the West Indies Foundation. The cost is $150,000. In this case, one member of the family gets the opportunity to study for one year at the institution for free.

As we can see, this region offers more investment opportunities.

Processing Time and Procedure

The steps in the procedure for processing the documents are identical in both states. The only difference is the oath and the obligation to stay in the country for five days. The differences do not affect the timeline for obtaining Antigua citizenship by investment. 

Key differences between programs

To choose a way to invest, you need to calculate each option. Given that the benefits provided do not differ significantly, and the country does not play a fundamental difference for you, you should calculate the costs of implementation. The number of people in the application plays an important role. Help in calculating and assessing the chances of approval can help experts of state programs on migration.

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