Strategies For Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Adopting a healthy diet can make the seemingly impossible goals possible, especially regarding weight loss and general health. Dr. Rohit Suri offers personalized nutritional counseling at Nova Physician Wellness Center to help you adopt a healthy habit that makes your weight and health goals achievable.

What is nutrition counseling?

Nutrition counseling is a two-way interaction between a nutritionist and a patient to help identify the latter’s nutritional problems, goals and needs. Nutrition can be a complex puzzle that may require personalization to get it right. Most people confine themselves to certain foods thinking they are taking healthy foods but still end up gaining weight, feeling sick, and sluggish.

Nova Physician Wellness Center specialists offer individualized treatment plans that prioritize your needs. When formulating a diet plan, the team considers weight, dietary preferences, underlying medical conditions, and health history. The specialists also offer customized emotional and physical support to ensure your general wellness.

What is the work of nutritional counselors?

No particular program works for all people because everyone has their own needs and expectations. However, all nutritional programs have the same objective: addressing vital areas of your health and their relation to diet. Your provider may include the following in your treatment plan:

Meal planning

Dr. Suri uses the information from your medical examination to create an individualized diet plan that complements your lifestyle, caloric needs, and preferences. He may recommend high-protein meal replacement supplements to promote weight loss.

Metabolic and health testing

Dr. Suri may educate you on how your body utilizes calories and nutrients to help you achieve your health and weight goals. He uses information from your physical exam, lab work, and metabolic testing to understand the needs of your body.

Behavioral counseling

Sometimes, it is easy to change bad habits or rectify unhealthy behavioral issues with food. However, with customized nutritional counseling, you can learn healthy eating habits and ensure your general health and wellness.

Are there risks associated with medical nutrition therapy?

If you have a close relationship with your provider and adhere to their advice, you may not have to worry about any risks. The Nova Physician Wellness Center team works closely with you to ensure that you do not lose too much weight at once to prevent any complications. Your provider ensures that you do not lose excess muscle mass but achieve your ideal weight.

Before creating a treatment plan for you, the team first carries out a series of tests to determine if you are eligible for medical nutrition therapy. If you are pregnant or have an underlying life-threatening disease, weight loss therapy may not be safe.

How should you prepare for your nutrition counseling session?

In preparation for your nutrition counseling session, you may need to note down every meal you took in the last 24 hours before your appointment. A food diary consisting of the meals and snacks you took three days before your appointment is even better.

If you feel that you can benefit from nutrition counseling, call the Nova Physician Wellness Center or book your spot online for a consultation.