Super Bowl Odds Vs Game Outcomes Today

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and being the final playoff game for the National Football League, or the NFL, stakes are at an all-time high. With the next Super Bowl not too far away, it’s worth looking at why this is such a phenomenal event that so many people tune into from across not only the United States but also from other parts of the world!

Along with the incredible halftime shows and performances, there are also many people who watch purely for the sport element of things and constantly discuss and bet on the Super Bowl Odds. Which team is bound to win? With predictions being made by fans and experts alike, it is a mystery that everyone wants to crack correctly before the game itself. Keep reading below to see how Super Bowl odds are determined and who has won in the past.

Decide Your Super Bowl Odds

Ahead of the 2023 Super Bowl game, it’s worth learning about the different sorts of bets that you can place so that you are aware of all the possible outcomes.

Moneyline Bet 

A moneyline bet is known to be one of the simplest wagers in football. You are simply picking between one of the teams set to play in the Super Bowl. In this year’s case, this would be choosing between the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs.

Within a moneyline bet, you may hear some commonly used phrases, such as ‘The Favorite,’ ‘The underdog,’ and the ‘Even’ or ‘Pick ’em.’ 

As the name suggests, the favorite is the name given to the team who seems to be the most likely to win, and they are represented with a (-) sign on the moneyline.

The underdog is the team that’s considered less likely to win, but of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t win! Contrasting the favorite, an underdog is represented by (+) on the moneyline.

An ‘even’ game means there is a 50/50 chance for either team to win because of how similar they have been playing or have been winning in the rest of the NFL tournament. In that case, you would see the abbreviations EV (for even) or PK for pick ‘em.

Spread Bet

A spread bet is when you bet on a team you think will outperform whatever is expected of them for that season or a particular game. It is worth noting that for this bet, your chosen team doesn’t necessarily have to win the game overall for you to win your bet.

They simply need to outperform whatever is expected of them for that game. As an example, if a team’s expected result is +2, then as we explained earlier, that would mean that they are expected to lose by two points. You will have won your bet if your chosen team wins the game or loses less than two points.

Over-Under Bet

This is a sort of bet where you try and determine the total number of points achieved by both teams by the end of the game. An Over-Under bet is partially set by the bookmakers after the last game before the Super Bowl as they set a line of how many points they think will be scored by the end of the game for both teams.

If you choose the over bet, and more points than that line are scored overall, you win. And vice versa for the underbet. If fewer points are scored than the given number, you also win your bet! 

You may often see this represented as the abbreviation O-U when in the Super Bowl, representing the Over-Under Bet.

2023 Betting Line

Now that you know about the different types of bets available, what are the odds looking like for the upcoming Super Bowl game? Well, the results show that odds can flip literally overnight. With the recent injuries in the Kansas Chiefs, bookmakers began to list the Philadelphia Eagles as the favorite, even though the initial odds were predicted to have seen the Kansas Chiefs as the favorite.