Sushil Singh: Self-Awareness A Revolutionary Formula Of Motivation

Sushil Singh sees self-awareness as a critical tool in the modern age for establishing new methods of instilling a positive aroma of motivation. The Indian entrepreneur, who is the CEO of three companies and an NGO, believes that thinking outside the box is the most effective way to develop positive neurons.

The director of SaiVa System emphasises the importance of changing bad habits that have an impact on an individual’s work output.

Sushil believes that finding solutions rather than putting pressure on the negative side can be the knight in shining armour for bringing self-awareness, citing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “The Placebo.”

The Mumbai-born businessman advises young people to follow basic life rules rather than being motivated by a person for a short period of time, which, in his opinion, should be part of the package rather than the only way to be motivated.

Sushil believes that writing down tasks in the morning, evaluating workflow with in evening, and drawing conclusions them at the end of the day is the great way to build a structured work and life process.

“Beginning and ending each day in a formative manner promotes the development of aligned neurons.” In the long run, it helps the brain come up with new ideas because an individual thinks about positives rather than negatives,” Sushil added.

According to several physiological reports, pessimistic thoughts are primarily the result of an unstructured way of life. As a result, it is critical to fill gaps in our lives before blaming others.

The founder of Just Wish (NGO) sees the disciplined approach as the key to outdoing mental health problems.

Sushil Singh: “Mental health is a serious cause of concern. We, collectively, can solve this dangerous problem by doing positive interpersonal communication to see a positive change every day.”