Ten Amazing RV Routes To Visit In Texas


As the second-biggest state in the United States of America, scenic sights are aplenty in the wild wild west of Texas. If you are looking for a place to explore for the long haul, look no further into this melting pot of varying cultures. 

If Texas isn’t the best place to go for long road trips, no other place is. Texas is known for its stunningly contrasting sights that range from icy mountains to sandy beaches. With such a large diversity of natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Texas is one of the best RV hotspots in the world. Pump up the gas and prepare for a one-of-a-kind journey in your rv in texas!

Dinosaur Valley

We hope you are ready to venture back into the prehistoric ages. Just like its name, Dinosaur Valley used to be home to the dinosaurs of the prehistoric ages. There are dinosaur prints left behind with some dating back to 113 million years ago. In addition to a 20-mile hiking route full of dinosaur tracks, this park is full of activities that you can enjoy yourself with! 

If you are more on the adventurous side, you can park your RV here and continue on foot or a horse-drawn wagon. You can even set camp here if you wish to stay longer.

Cascade Caverns

Endless corridors of breathtaking rock formations are not the only sights to be seen at Cascade Caverns. If you are someone who enjoys the autumn season, the good news is that Cascade Caverns remains a cool corner with temperatures averaging 64 degrees. 

You get to enjoy cool weather almost all year long here! There are also many amenities available in the vicinity with its stores, grills, showers, restrooms, and most important of all, Wi-Fi.

Big Bend National Park

With Big Bend National Park being one of the biggest national parks in Texas, you will not find a lack of activities to do here. There are so many things to do that you’ll need at least a few days to explore this area fully! 

Before you set off, ensure that you have a portable generator that is sufficient to power the appliances in your RV. The pleasant part about big parks is that camping here would be less congested and you will be at liberty to kayak, backpack, fish, and even wildlife watching with the array of species found there.

San Antonio River Walk

Waterfalls adorn the horizon as you venture on the 15-mile trip along the banks of the San Antonio River. If you are traveling as a couple, San Antonio is sure to add an extra romantic moment that you’ll never forget. You can even take a break from the RV by parking it at the RV parks and catching a river taxi ride. 

The RV parks are relatively close to the walkways with free pool access, and full Wi-Fi access for cheap rates.

Space Center Houston

Home to the first man on the moon, the USA boasts many spacey adventures and you can find yourself in the middle of one at Space Center Houston. This area is where NASA mission control is located. The whole gang will be able to experience the place where all the action started at. 

There are moon samples and space artifacts that are open to public viewing. Everyone will be in for an adventure of learning and discovering. You’re sure to lose yourself in all the cool souvenirs situated there!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

The majority of Texas spans across vast dunes and sprawling deserts. If you’re going to Texas, you can’t miss the Chihuahuan Desert –– the largest desert in North America, stretching from the southwestern United States to the Central Mexican Highlands. 

In the center of it all is the Guadalupe Mountains National Park where you can enjoy a vibrant array of brightly-colored dunes. Plus, with the serenity of the park, it is also a good meditation trail to reunite with our roots. There are RV sites available in the vicinity as well for avid campers.

Corpus Christi

The city of Corpus Christi which borders the Gulf of Mexico often finds itself attracting the audience of water and wind sports. This is perfect for adrenaline junkies who love catching a good ocean breeze. You can be sure that you’re getting a day of fun in the sun when you set anchor in this bustling city!

For those who prefer a calmer scene, there is plenty of art and museums that can be found within Corpus Christi. So, the city easily caters to travelers on either side of the spectrum.

Enchanted Rock

Sounds familiar enough? No, this isn’t a video game; it’s reality! At this site, the Enchanted Rock was birthed a billion years ago by the holy matrimony of molten magma and lava. For those with a taste for geography, you will be fascinated by the rock formation with its intricate cracks designed by nature itself. 

It is also a popular joint for rock climbing enthusiasts, hikers, birdwatchers, campers, and backpackers. So, you will never find yourself too lonely here as it will be swarming with people.

Brackenridge Park

One of Texas’ most enchanting public parks, the Brackenridge Park has a large variety of culturally-informative and relaxing activities that allows you to learn from many different backgrounds. 

You can start the journey at San Antonio Zoo before heading into the Japanese Tea Gardens where you can release all the tension in your body and find peace. The River Walk RV Parks is a good place to set camp with your RV.

Texas Hill Country

Last but not least, we’re heading to one of the most magical places in Texas. You won’t want to miss this sight along your long road trip! The serenity and calmness of these country views are bound to put you in the mood for those famous Texas Hill Country wines.

Of course, we do not encourage drunk driving, so be sure to park your RV at any one of the one hundred RV parks available. After a drink or two, activities like fishing on boats sure sound tempting!


Do note that these ten listed routes are not the only places to explore in Texas! There are many more routes to venture on, however, these impressive locations are our top recommendations. Stay safe, and have a good vacation!