Ten Tips for Women Traveling To North India

There has been controversies about the safety of solo women travelers to North India. There is no such land in the world, where you would be 100% safe. Every place has its own positive and negative faces. It is up to us to take certain precautions and keep things under control, especially when you are a female and are traveling alone. Here are the top ten tips provided by avid solo women travelers for fellow travelers trying to scale North India.

Blend with the locals

Always smile and blend with the locals. If someone asks you to pose for a picture, make sure it is a group picture. If people stare at you, relax. You are an outsider and locals are just curious about you.If you find yourself in an awkward or uncomfortable situation, speak up. If there is someone to tease you or stare at you, there will be tens of Indians around you to help you. Do not be embarrassed about making a scene. It will help you get the help you need.


Since you are traveling alone, it is very important to make sure that your hands are always free of luggage. If your hands are occupied, you might have to keep the luggage down to use your hands and the chances of that luggage disappearing is very high. A backpack is a good choice. Do not trust anyone with your luggage.

Never go alone

Always stick with crowded places and important monuments. A special attraction, tens of km away from main city and civilization is not worth the risk, while you are exploring the country on your own. Travelling in a crowded train is far safer than traveling in a cabin, which has only four people.

Choose the right hotel

Do not book hotels after coming to India. Do not ask your driver to choose a hotel for you. Choose a reputed hotel, preferably the ones that are commonly used by foreigners in India or fellow solo female travelers. Such hotels will have pre-paid taxis, group sightseeing tours and other activities arranged by the hotel.

Stay sober

I am not someone who is against women drinking. When you are alone, you should be always alert. Walking on the streets, half-drunk and unaware of surroundings can easily end up in compromised situation. If you are drunk beyond control, who would take care of your belongings? Stick with soda or water. If you really want booze, order room service.

What you wear matters

No one would ask you to wear saree. More than half of youth population in India do not wear saree. All that is required is a dress that covers you from neck to below your knee. Strict with decent clothing that covers your cleavage and if possible, try to cover up with a scarf or duppata.

Plan your travel

Do not end up reaching the destination in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. Finding transportation at that godly hour will be quite risky. If you have no other choice, opt for escort service from the hotel.

Do not make dear friends

It is good to find fellow travelers while you are alone. However, do not depend on them, completely or trust them. A simple hi or a good-natured smile would be enough. Do not try to stick with them for outings or tours. If you really want to travel in groups, choose travel agencies, which organizes small group tours.

Research about the place

Not the entire North India is suitable for solo female travelers. You need to choose iconic destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Dharamsala, Haridwar, Varanasi and other famous india travel packages. Talk to other travelers in online forums and check the top rated solo traveler destinations of the land. Just because a place is bubbling with tourists, it does not mean that it is quite popular for solo female travelers.

Always be connected

Are you planning to visit North India on a weeklong trip? Make sure to share your itinerary with your family and friends. There are several apps, which helps you to share your location with others. This will give you confidence. Also, share this with people around you, always. This will give a feel that you are always watched and people would think twice before perceiving you as an easy target.

India is a land of polite culture. Sometimes, somewhere in India, the balance gets ruptures and things can happen. This should not stop you from enjoy the beautiful regal region of India, the historic north.

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