The Best Bitcoin Wallets That You Should Consider in 2021


The celebrated intangible nature of Bitcoins comes with a lot of considerations. Buying or trading lots of Bitcoins from websites like the bitcoinerasounds fantastic, but to properly succeed in the crypto world, some basic requirements need fulfilment.

One of the primary things that any bitcoin trader needs is to find an appropriate electronic wallet to store their electronic currency. Purchasing an electronic wallet is not like picking the shiniest leather wallet from the store. It takes a lot of consideration, and if you want to get your hands on the best bitcoin wallets in the market, read on.

Let’s look at Bitcoin Wallets For 2021

  • Trezor One

Trevor one is an excellent option for a cold storage wallet for novice and intermediate Bitcoin users. However, novice users must be inherently tech-savvy to use the wallet to their advantage correctly. The reason for this is that the Trezor One is a unique device that you can connect to your smartphone or computer. Furthermore, it comes with a tiny screen to check if the connection between the device and the smartphone or PC is safe. Therefore, it is more than just a typical cold storage wallet.

  • Ellipan Titan

Another unique cold storage wallet, the Ellipan Titan, is built like a beast. It too has a touch-sensitive screen, giving you the power to manage your Bitcoins any time you please by just using this device. Its hardware is built like a tank so that just a wallet can withstand rough handling. The most fantastic feature is that this wallet can be paired with an app so that you can also enjoy the functions of a hot wallet with just this cold storage one.

  • Gemini

Gemini is a hot wallet that is perfect for latecomers in the crypto world. It is an app that is going to offer you user-friendly tools to streamline your Bitcoin investments. The app can be run both on your smartphone and computer makers making it very versatile. Of course, with hot wallets comes the added tension of a cyber hack, but Gemini has atight security system making it one hell of a strong wallet along with a market trend tracker.

  • Exodus

Another excellent wallet for both smartphones and desktops are the Exodus. Other than that, it also offers cold storage options. It has a hassle-free design making it popular among newcomers in the world of Bitcoins. A fantastic feature of this application is that it allows users a diverse portfolio with different cryptocurrencies. This means that other than Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies can also be managed and stored by it. However, a person who has gotten accustomed to the world of cryptocurrencies Exodus may feel a little risky. The source code is unavailable for all to access, making uses utterly reliant on the security system.

  • ZenGo

If you are looking for a hot wallet that comes with a hassle-free design, then ZenGo will be your first choice. The developers of this application have made it available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to create something comfortable for beginners in that initial stage. You have to do a sector seed phrase containing 12 to 24 words to restore your private key anytime you want. You can also choose to buy, sell and earn interest on your cryptocurrencies by paying a fee on this app itself. 

These are some of the top electronic wallets you will find on the market. Depending upon your need, get a cold or a hot wallet. Some Bitcoin traders also like to keep both. Develop proper strategies for storing your Bitcoins in the wallet of your choice and watch your crypto journey grow. Be mindful of unscrupulous individuals coming up with fraudulent crypto wallets in the market.


Dig a little to come with a trusted wallet like the ones listed here if you want to explore more options. With the growth of Bitcoin, lightly taking the cryptocurrency game would be silly. Get the most robust bitcoin wallet right away and keep all your precious e-coins safe!