The Best Board Games for Kids

It’s time to hang the Monopoly Board.

No, it’s not time to toss that classic of classic board games into the trash — we’re talking about hanging it up for a game of family pastimes. Board games are still as popular as ever, but we’ve traded quaint classics for digital versions.

But board games for kids are not just for making electronic faces smile. In fact, the best board games for kids are the ones that’ll offer clever conversation and playfulness, something lost when it comes to virtual games.

You’ll need a good supply of games to back you up, so here’s a list of the top best-selling kids board games for families, including options for cheap darts.They are not only fun and safe for kids to play with, but they also add an element of skill and strategy to the games, making them enjoyable for both kids and adults alike.

Sleeping Queens

With a fun and simple concept, it encourages creativity and tactical thinking. Players compete to wake up Queens while also playing wacky cards to block one another and gain magic potions. Kids love the fantasy theme of this game as they use strategy and quick-thinking to gather the most queens.

This game is especially good for younger kids since there’s no reading and counting skills are optional. With its easy setup and fantastical concept, Sleeping Queens is sure to become a family favorite.

Gobblet Gobblers

Gobblet Gobblers is an exciting game for kids that combines strategy with fun. The game is played with four plastic game pieces that you stack on top of each other and then you try to get three of them in a row. The game pieces have blank faces which let the kids be creative, expressing themselves by giving the pieces facial features and expressions.

The game teaches kids strategy and problem-solving, as players have to look for opportunities to outwit their opponent and figure out how to stack the pieces in order to win. The game is easy to learn and can be adapted to different ages, making it suitable for younger kids as well as older children. 

Sequence for Kids

Sequence for kids is one of the best board games for kids. It is fun and simple enough for children to learn, yet provides plenty of strategy to keep them engaged for hours. The game includes colorful cards and chip pieces that allow kids to build rows, columns, and diagonal lines of matching animals, numbers, and colors.

Sequence for kids teaches kids basic strategies that they can use in everyday life, while providing an enjoyable and engaging game time. 


The Uno board game by Mattel has been around for generations and is still as popular today as ever! Uno is a card game for two-to-ten players, so it’s great for family game nights, birthday parties, and more. It’s an easy and quick game that both children and adults of all ages can enjoy and play competitively.

The goal of Uno is to get rid of all your cards by matching colors or numbers. Aces are wild and if you can’t get rid of all your cards, the player with the fewest cards at the end of the round wins. Uno is a classic, fun, and simple game that every family should have in their game collection.

Best Board Games for Kids

Board games provide a great opportunity for kids to engage with family and build new skills. Encouraging kids to interact with family and have fun with a competitive game is something that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, finding the best board games for kids is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience.

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