The Best Citadel Boss 25 Isn’t Good For Deterring Bears

If you’re someone who lives in Wyoming, Idaho or other places in the United States where bears are found in the wild, you’ll know all about the dangers they pose. As such, you might think of investing in the best citadel boss 25 shotguns to scare them away when they come snooping around your trash cans. 

It sounds like a good idea, and if you literally want to haze the bear into running away, it’s a good option. That said, if you happen to hit the bear, they’re not quite as resilient as you might think, meaning you could cause the animal some serious….even fatal, harm. 

The Best Citadel Boss 25 Has Many Uses

There are countless scenarios in which a big, loud shotgun like the Boss 25 comes in very handy, but dealing with bears around your yard may not be one of them. Not unless you’re aiming to kill the bear, that is, and there’s no real reason to do so unless someone is in direct danger.

If you want to stop a bear, you ideally need penetration, which shotguns don’t really offer – not like a high-powered rifle, anyways. You see, bears have surprisingly thin skin, and when they get hit with a shot from the best Citadel Boss 25, it can lead to serious infection and eventual death. Not necessarily when at the time, but many hours later – meaning a slow, painful demise.

The law shows us that you should only kill a bear if you feel directly threatened, meaning that it should only ever be in self-defence. If you shoot a grizzly bear without being in fear for your life or someone else’s, it can be illegal, depending on the state. 

Prevention is Most Often the Best Move

Bears usually don’t just wander into your garden, as they’re not stupid. They’re drawn there by food that’s left out. It’s natural for a bear to prefer this easy option as opposed to hunting prey, so if they root through your garbage and find something good, that’s enough of a reason for it to come back again in the next day or two. 

That also means keeping small pets indoors, as well as livestock, compost and even beehives (no, it’s not a myth from the cartoons, bears do eat from beehives!). In fact, if you have a fruit tree on your property, that’s another big attraction for bears, so beware!

Instead, you should keep anything that might attract a bear inside a hard-side building or a certified bear-resistant container that will dissuade a bear from coming to you. Naturally, you won’t often have to deal with a bear if you take away what attracts them.

Don’t Use the Best Citadel Boss 25…Unless Life Is Threatened

So, rather than leaving out unintended treats for bears and having to chase them away with your shotgun, why not practice good safety and ensure they don’t ever want to intrude on your land? It’s far better than ending a poor animal’s life that was only looking for food. 

Sure, there may be occasions when you have to protect you and yours, but if everyone’s safe and tucked away indoors, just do your best to chase it away without injuring it – if you can. 

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