The Complete Guide to Invisalign

Are you interested in getting Invisalign treatment but you’re not sure what to expect? This orthodontic treatment varies slightly from traditional braces but can provide patients with similar results, And if you require other forms of dental care, you can sort out gum diseases or get dental implants syracuse ny.

To learn more about Invisalign so that you can see if this is the best option for you, keep reading. In this guide, we will let you in on all you need to know about this orthodontic method.

Find an Orthodontist and Book a Consultation

The first step to the Invisalign process is to find an orthodontist you can trust. Find an orthodontist that specializes in Invisalign treatments and has a great reputation. Once you have found the best specialist for you, you can book your initial consultation.

During this visit, your dental condition will be examined and your orthodontist will also ask about the dental goals that you hope to achieve with Invisalign. X-rays will be used to make sure there is no presence of gum disease or tooth decay. If there are these issues, a separate dental treatment will be conducted to fix these issues before orthodontic treatment can take place.

However, if these issues are not apparent and you are a good candidate for Invisalign, you will set up and discuss the plan for treatment with your orthodontist.

Molds and Tray Fittings

During the first few appointments in your Invisalign treatment, your teeth will be scanned using a digital scanner. This allows for a 3D model of your mouth to be examined to determine what the best fittings would be for you. This will allow your orthodontist to create a treatment plan while also giving you an idea of what you can expect once treatment is completed.

The 3-D scan will be sent to the Invisalign lab so that they can create your trays and get your treatment process start as soon as possible. When the first tray is sent to the clinic you will visit your orthodontist to begin treatment. During this session, dental attachments may be suggested.

These can be placed on the teeth during treatment to keep the trays in place for your comfort and to make sure the process is as effective as possible. In some cases, composite will be put into the trays to allow for a more exact fitting. These solutions are temporary and painless.

Once your first tray has been properly fitted, you are able to take it home and begin the treatment process.

Follow Up Appointments

During the Invisalign process, you will need to attend follow-up appointments in order to receive new trays and track your progress. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled a few weeks after your first appointment. During this appointment, the orthodontist will check to make sure your tray is fitting properly and that things are progressing as expected per the initial treatment plan.

Typically, monthly appointments will be scheduled to check your progress and to swap your trays out for new ones. The frequency in which your trays are swapped out may fluctuate based on your treatment plan and progress.

Invisalign Timeline

Typically, the Invisalign treatment timeline can take to years or less. You may begin to notice results very quickly, possibly after the first six months of treatment. The timeline of treatment will depend on the severity of the issues you are treating.

Patients should wear their trays as often as possible to see results. Removing the aligners is only acceptable during short periods of time, such as when one is eating, drinking, brushing their teeth, and flossing. The customized Invisalign cost will depend on the timeline of your treatment.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Invisalign?

There are many reasons that people turn to Invisalign as a solution for their dental issues. Often, it is used to treat mild to modern dental misalignment issues, and many more complex dental conditions may not be treatable with Invisalign. Those with mildly protruding teeth or those that have crowded teeth can be good candidates for this solution.

Teeth that are mildly rotated or crooked can also benefit from this process. Some use this solution for gaps in the teeth or issues with their bite, such as a mild underbite, overbite, crossbite, or open bite.

Benefits of Invisalign

Many choose to use Invisalign to solve dental misalignment issues because they are much more discreet than traditional braces. Additionally, they are removable which can help to avoid issues that traditional braces have, such as getting food stuck in the braces. The trays are easy to clean using a toothbrush for a clean and clear smile.

Many find that these clear aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces. The metal brackets and wires that come with traditional braces can often leave sores in the cheeks and tongue. This treatment option tends to work for 90% of patients, meaning it has a high success rate.

Additionally, you can avoid the pain that comes with braces adjustments and tightening. Click here to learn more about Invisalign and how to properly use this treatment method.

Consider Invisalign Today

If you’re hoping to get a straighter smile or to fix a bite issue, consider Invisalign as a treatment option. Find an orthodontist you can trust to carry out this process as effectively as possible. Feel more confident about your smile while also using this highly effective and discreet treatment method.

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