The Importance of Using Character Counting Tool

When writing a blog post, there are a number of things to keep in mind. You are worrying about the grammar, the content, the ideas and the blog structure. Then there is the worrying of character count. You want to make sure you don’t be verbose or overstate anything. At the same time you are also aware that you can’t be writing just bits. This is where characters counter tool usage comes in SEO. Word count tool can be easily accessible through web. Must use these to analyze your word count in a document.

Words vs. characters

 Before we move on to the usage, it is important to note that words and characters are different. To put simply, characters make up words and words make up sentences. In the sentence ‘John is a funny guy’, there are 5 words. The word John has 4 characters; the word is has 2 characters; the word a has 1 character; the world funny has 4 characters; the word guy has 3 characters. It is important to note the distinction between words and characters because a little misunderstanding can create blunders. Remember that the no. of characters in a text will always be more than the no. of words. Don’t mix these concepts. If you are required to write a blog post with 1,000 characters, don’t misread it to 1,000 words. That would be like 3,000- 4,000 characters. Learn and remember the distinction.

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Does character count matter in SEO?

Your character count has more to do with user experience than search engine optimization. What this means is that there is a minimum character count requirement when writing blogs. This does not mean that anything lesser than that won’t publish, but that an average visitor will consider the page click bait. Likewise, there is also a limit to how much you can stretch one topic. When working with Google, a minimum of 250- 300 words are required. Blog posts from 300- 800 words should be optimum. Otherwise, your topic should give the visitor a heads up that the blog post is an in-depth guide.

Where can you use character count tool?

A character count tool has multiple advantages. With the tool constantly activated, you can keep in limit the number of words you are writing a blog post. This way you will neither overdo nor undo the no. of words you write for a blog post. Likewise, you can divide your topic in a certain no. of paragraphs, assigning one idea to each paragraph. With the character count tool activated, you will be able to keep a check on the no. of words you are writing for each blog post.

How to use a character count tool?

There are a few types of character count tool. If you are using Microsoft Office, you already have one on your word file. It is towards the bottom left. If you use WordPress, it also has a word counter at the bottom left. Likewise, you can search for character count tools online. They are available for free. You can either copy and paste content there once you are done typing and check the no. of characters or you can simply write on the tool itself.

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