The incredible advantages of hiring a NY personal injury lawyer

Were you injured in a mishap that happened because of someone’s fault? It could be a case of medical malpractice or something like a car accident. Personal injury law is often complex and hard to understand, and in New York, the deadline to file a lawsuit is usually three years. Immediately after the accident, you need to seek medical care and must speak with a lawyer. PI lawyers know what it takes to evaluate claims and can offer unbiased advice on the matter. Here are some incredible advantages of hiring an injury lawyer. 

  1. You can expect a higher settlement. Just hiring an attorney is no guarantee that you will get a high settlement, but lawyers certainly know how to negotiate better. They don’t let the insurance adjuster use tricks to make a low offer, and because they know how to use facts during negotiation, they can get you more. 
  2. Lawyers can spot insurance tactics. As we mentioned, you cannot expect the insurance company to be fair with you. Common tactics used by adjusters include delaying claims, denying claims on absurd grounds, refusing to share documentation, and intimidation. Many insurance adjusters don’t even do an investigation before denying a claim. With an attorney, you can expect that your claim won’t be undervalued. 
  3. Lawyers can find evidence and details. Injuries can prevent you from going after the party at fault. If you hire an attorney, they would do an independent investigation of the mishap and gather all key details and evidence that can prove liability. Lawyers will ensure that the paperwork is done right and collect information that can be hard to find otherwise. 
  4. Lawyers can take the matter to trial. Personal injury lawsuits don’t usually need a trial as it is an expensive option. Attorneys, however, may decide to take the matter to court if there is no room for negotiation. Sometimes, a trial is the only way to get a fair settlement, and if you have legal counsel, you don’t have to worry about the process. 
  5. You don’t have to spend money right away. Because you are dealing with an immediate financial blow because of your injuries, you may feel that hiring an attorney will only add to the costs. However, PI lawyers charge a contingency fee in NY for most cases, and this fee is only due when you win. 

Get an attorney so that you can focus on your recovery.