The most popular online games at the moment

On the topic of games, the gaming industry is literally overflowing with projects that have had varying degrees of impact on all aspects and new opportunities for future developers in general.

Some projects literally brought new ideas and, contrary to opinion, online games can be played alone if there is no worthy company, but there is an interest in exploring a new world.

Let’s look at the brightest projects, without which it is already difficult to imagine the gaming industry itself and the online component

World of Warcraft

WoW rightfully occupies the niche of the most popular and recognizable MMO RPG in the entire gaming industry. It is difficult to overestimate the influence of the Blizzard project on the culture of MMOs and the mechanics that gave impetus to the development of other games in a similar genre


World of Warcraft is not the first project to introduce the concept of PVP, but it was they who made this mechanic not only profitable, but also a distinctive feature and mechanic that unites a large number of players.

World of Warcraft has a two-faction system in which you choose your side of the conflict and continue your development, taking into account the fact that you now have many allies, but also many enemies.

This is expressed primarily in skirmishes at locations. Beginners should not worry – points of intersection between factions will begin much later than you have mastered your first skills and received your first equipment to learn the game.

The locations will begin to be mixed, and you will easily find opponents whom you can attack, but even if they see you they can start a fight. You won’t be able to communicate with your enemies because they speak a language you don’t understand.

For killing an enemy hero, you will receive coins of valor, which can be used to exchange for special equipment and weapons with enhanced characteristics in PVP.

Remember that the system does not count as a kill if you defeat an enemy who is much lower in level than you.

Also be careful, as there will be gang squads on each side – players who gather in a group to kill enemies and fight with similar groups.

In addition to local battles, players will periodically engage in large-scale battles in disputed territories.


Few projects have such a system of professions as in World of Warcraft, which consists of many interrelated mechanics and is a large part of the service economy.

You can even ignore the main gameplay, but still engage in professions, accumulate resources and process them into weapons, armor and other items useful for the server.

In the future, you can even accept orders for manufacturing and earn gold from your craft without even leaving the peace zone and simply use the resources provided by the client.

Genshin Impact

One of the most popular games in the Gacha genre and RPG elements, which allows you to play not alone, but as part of a full-fledged squad, which can be selected and expanded by discovering new heroes and managing them separately.

The main advantage of the project is cross-platform. This means that you can continue genshin boost on many devices – start playing on a PC, continue on a smartphone or tablet.

In the process, you will get the opportunity to discover new characters and use them as part of a squad to fight monsters and bosses.

Some heroes will not be available immediately and will require a lot of effort to obtain them.

As you progress, you will receive travel ranks that will help you unlock new heroes and quests.

The most interesting gameplay and new stage will begin with reaching level 12 of the adventure rank.

Collect and sell oculi, farm four types of resources from altars and find new heroes to join your squad

If you need more heroes at the initial stages, then you can order Genshin Impact boosting and get them much faster using the Skycoach service.

Lineage 2

L2 from NC Soft is an MMO RPG with an emphasis on PVP, monster leveling and a siege system.

Now L2 is not going through the best period of its history, but at the same time, its mechanics may appeal to players who prefer battles with other players instead of grinding gameplay and gaining experience.

Due to the fact that in Lineage 2 all leveling is based solely on killing monsters, there are not many good places for hunting, which will regularly lead to clashes between players for the most profitable spots in terms of experience.

Even if there is no reward for victories in PVP, other than increasing the PVP counter, it is still the craving for constant battles that made Lineage 2 one of the most popular games in MMO RPGs.

In L2, the most important concept of PVP is large-scale battles between players, for the sake of which they gather into clans and declare war.

Once every two weeks, all clans have the right to register for a siege – for the attacking or defending side.

How sieges work

There are 8 castles in total, which initially become neutral when the server opens and are controlled by NPCs.

Players must fight their way through the outer and inner gates to have the clan leader read the seal, which lasts 2 minutes. Attackers cannot fight each other.

When the chapter of the castle changes, the fun begins – you need to hold it and not let anyone read it again.

After death, defenders will go to the return room and stay there for 30 seconds, but if the attackers break three protection crystals, then the return time will last 8 minutes and you need to make a decision – wait, or flee from the nearest city.

In L2, the most important concept of PVP is large-scale battles between players, for the sake of which they gather into clans and declare war.

Once every two weeks, all clans have the right to register for a siege – for the attacking or defending side.

If the head of the castle changes, the gates and crystals will be restored.

During a siege in a combat area, experience is not lost, and PVP points are earned.

The castle has its own strong benefit – the head of the clan, who have asserted their rights to the estates, choose the amount of tax for their estates. All transactions with NPCs will become 30% more expensive, and this amount will be transferred to the clan treasury.

It is especially advantageous to hold castles that dominate their region.

  • Giran controls part of the income of Dion, Oren, Gludio.
  • Aden controls all cities as it is the capital of all kingdoms.
  • The Rune retains part of the income of Stuttgart and Goddard.

This is the main reason for the fight for these three castles, but Aden is considered a priority due to the bonus from all the castles. Next comes Giran and Rune.

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