The Pandemic In Review: Major Ways Covid19 Has Changed Our Lives

The news of the pandemic is something we can all recall pretty clearly. Back in early 2019, strict lockdowns rolled across the globe, leaving every region in isolation. Life as it was seemed to change dramatically overnight.

And while medical professionals worldwide worked together to find effective treatments and soon released a vaccine plan, the virus continues to plague society on a global scale. Nevertheless, a gradual sense of normality is slowly returning.

Even though some pandemic impacts are pretty blatant, it’s now mandatory to wear a mask, saliva test kits and sanitizers are high in-demand products, and social distancing is a new norm. However, some impacts are so extensive that whole elements of our daily lives have been altered.

Despite the end of the covid19 pandemic finally seeming reachable, here’s how the pandemic has influenced our daily lives.

Remote Work Is Pretty Popular

Prior to the pandemic, the concept of working from home was fairly unheard of. Even though a small percentage of the world’s workforce operated remotely, the specifics of lockdown regulations forced most businesses to adopt remote working solutions.

With this, many companies realized that their employees are functioning better from home and that their company expenses could be lowered dramatically if the concept was wholly adopted. So, remote work has become a prominent trend thanks to the pandemic, a trend that’s also more eco-friendly as employees don’t need to travel as much.

And while remote working has taken off, hybrid workspaces are also becoming prominent. Hybrid work environments merge traditional and remote environments to create an exceptionally flexible work schedule.

A Chance For Environmental Change

Most of society wasn’t vaguely bothered about the environmental crisis before the pandemic. Despite many environmentalists doing their best to get the point across, people continued to use plastics and pollute without much concern. It seemed that most people genuinely didn’t buy into the idea that human behaviors could be as detrimental to our own existence as they have been.

But while everyone was in isolation, something became quite clear; nature and wildlife thrive while humans are away, and pollution notably clears up as well. Thanks to these realizations, the planet finally has a chance for change, and more individuals are switching to sustainable options now more than ever before.

Less Travel

There are fewer vehicles on the roads, and the growing popularity of remote work is not the only contributing factor. Society was encouraged to leave their homes as little as possible; the standard was only traveling for fundamental reasons.

So, e-commerce shopping took off. As everyone searched for ways to stay home as much as possible, shopping online became the perfect solution to get basics and even extras.

Less travel, in general, is exceptionally beneficial for the environment as well; this is another impact of the pandemic that is blatantly in favor of the planet. And due to the convenience of online shopping, most of us have adapted to travel less.

A New Common Goal To Live Healthier

Beyond the physical impacts of the pandemic, there are several non-tangible ones, such as the shared realization that health is invaluable.

Suddenly, everyone needed a way to strengthen their immune system in an attempt to survive the virus in the event of infection; a robust immune system is the main factor in covid19 recovery.

While some found themselves reaching for multivitamins and health supplements more often, others prioritized healthy eating options or made efforts to exercise more. As a result, the world has not just realized the importance of sustaining the environment, but supporting a healthy immune system has also become a common goal.

A New Spotlight For Mental Health Awareness

There has been a new spotlight on the importance of mental health awareness.

Although this impact is pretty bitter-sweet, as it stems from the fact that depression and anxiety rates have skyrocketed due to the pandemic, the new spotlight on mental health is a massive benefit.

While the increase in reports is disheartening, studies show that report numbers soon plummeted, proving something fascinating about the pandemics’ real impacts on mental health. Contrary to what most might assume, the specifics of the pandemics’ many impacts prove how resilient humans are regarding mental health.

A More Unified Society

While some may assume that the result of a more unified society stems from the recommendations to wear face masks and follow particular precautions, it is the result of the world finally realizing the benefit of connection.

In order to create a vaccine as fast as the covid19 jab, the medical sector needed to connect on a global scale, sharing findings and merging skills on such a large scale that processes could move substantially faster. The industry was able to bring together some of the greatest minds, transforming a seemingly impossible task into a plausible project.

The pandemic has connected the world in more ways than one; it doesn’t end at the vaccine. Governments from around the world extended hands to create outreach systems to guide developing nations through the unpredictable waves of the viral outbreak.

We Have Learnt To Trust Data

While world leaders scurried to find solutions to keep economies going without jeopardizing safety, it became pretty clear that data offers the solution of decisions formed upon predictability. Instead of grasping at straws, using data meant that we could predict infection rates, plan lockdown structures, and better understand how the virus moves and mutates.

Having access to data has previously landed a lot of companies in hot water, as society felt data should be considered private. But with the common hope of ending the pandemic, society finally saw the real benefit of using data to everyone’s advantage.

While many impacts of the pandemic have been disheartening and overwhelming, many of these impacts have influenced positive changes. Not only can we expect growth in environmental conservation and mental health awareness, but we can also expect positive changes to emerge from every aspect of how the world operates.

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