The Screen Time Dilemma Mastering the Art of Unplugging

Screen-time and how to unplug effectively!

Strapline: Achieving the appropriate balance between Work-Life!

We spend a lot of our time on our laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and are completely hooked on social media, checking messages and web browsing for information and much more. The ‘Need of Unplugging’ explores the need to strike a balance between screen time and the real-world and shows the psychological and emotional benefits of shutting off from the internet.

Screen time and its effect on our mental health!

Research shows that excessive usage of digital screens is associated with several mental health conditions, such as anxiety, sadness, and sleep problems. Daily stress and feeling isolated can result from extensive usage of social media updates, notifications, and digital updates.

Effective strategies for wellness and screen time!

Engaging in outdoor activities enhance our mental health and can have some positive changes to a person’s mood and temperament. Spending time in nature, like going for a walk or hiking, can provide the break needed from the screens.

Explore apps for screen time management

Today there are many apps to limit the amount of time we spend on the screens. These apps can monitor users’ screen time and can give alerts when required to take frequent breaks.

Maintain a great work-life in the digital era

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important in this digital era.

It’s required to set boundaries between working hours and personal life.

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It is essential to have a balance between the screen time and well-being. Managing screen time can have a great impact on your mental and physical well-being.

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