The shocking retirement of Gareth Bale

December 2022 and January 2023 were quite eventful periods for world football. If you like this sport, you may want to know that to bet online is easy – 1xBet offers the most outstanding chances in all kinds of disciplines.

There were many legendary players who tragically died during that period. At the same time, others announced their retirement. Some of these announcements were quite shocking and unexpected. Probably none of them was as surprising as the statement made by Gareth Bale. In January 2023, the great player shocked the world by stating that he had decided to retire from football. In 1xBet it is very easy to bet online, and this can be done when wagering on the best Welsh players in the world as well.

A fantastic career

Let’s make a very quick review of Bale’s career. He was a professional player between 2006 and 2023. He was part of different squads in nations such as England, Spain and even the United States. While waiting for matches played in these nations, you can bet live casino only on and win great rewards.

The teams where the Welsh played throughout his career were:

  • Southampton;
  • Tottenham Hotspur;
  • Real Madrid;
  • and Los Angeles FC.

Gareth Bale won plenty of titles with all the teams where he played. Certainly his most prolific period was with Real Madrid, where he won countless trophies at Spanish and European level too. Speaking about winning, you can bet only on the live casino offered by 1xBet, which also provides tons of chances for greatness.

Difficult times

The talent of Gareth Bale is simply undeniable. However, it is also undeniable that he had plenty of issues in the later stages of his career. There were many moments in which he had confrontations with the managers of the teams where he played. If you also like to wager on these footballers, you can use for live betting, which offers the best odds in the market.

In fact, between 2020 and 2021, the Welsh was loaned to Tottenham by Real Madrid, which was the team where his career exploded in the first place. The reason being his serious drop in form, as well as confrontations with Zinedine Zidane and Carlo Ancelotti.

Yet, not everything was so bad for Bale in the last years of his career. He was crucial in helping Wales to qualify for the FIFA World Cup for the second time ever in 2022. While the team was eliminated in the group stage, this was still a major achievement. By the way, you can now use 1xBet for making all kinds of live betting on the Welsh national side as well.

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