The Simple Health Habits You Should Adopt

As the New Year approaches, many people have begun making their New Year’s resolutions. These big changes in their lives they plan for the next year are often forgotten by February. Instead of making unrealistic goals and plans, finding a resolution that can be easily kept could improve one’s life and remove the disappointment of another failed resolution. A few healthy changes could be a great way to ring in the New Year.

Dental Care

Many people avoid seeing the dentist due to fear, embarrassment, or other problems. However, poor dental health can lead to a lot of health problems later in life. This year, a resolution that could really benefit overall health is to make a dental appointment. South High Dental offers convenient dental appointments to get that much-needed cleaning and check-up.

Now is also a good time to work to meet those daily oral hygiene habits. Brushing, flossing, and a good mouthwash could help improve oral health. Combining these habits with a dental appointment could go a long way toward improving a person’s smile, confidence, and overall health.


Although many people resolve to start an exercise program or join a gym in the New Year, it can be difficult to keep such a rigorous plan for very long. However, adding a bit of exercise to one’s daily life is not a bad idea. Individuals should be more realistic in this plan so that they can enjoy all the health benefits exercise can provide.

It is recommended that individuals get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. This time does not have to be done at once. It is a good idea to break it up into easily manageable intervals. A combination of aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening activities should be distributed across the week.

These activities do not need to be confined to a gym or a specific workout. Fun activities that involve friends or family members are often a better way to keeping with the activity throughout the year. Even adding a little extra activity each week could have great benefits on a person’s overall health.

Healthy Eating Habits

Another way to benefit a person’s health is to eat better. Many people start a new diet at the start of the New Year. Often, these diets are based on deprivation. It does not take long for a diet like this to fail. It can be very difficult to just stop eating the foods a person enjoys and to reduce calories far below what one is used to eating.

A better way to make this change could be a little slower and with less deprivation. For example, instead of cutting out all sugar from a diet on the first of January, simply start replacing these sugary items with a healthier alternative. Instead of having that extra soda with each lunch, try choosing water instead. Instead of potato chips to watch a movie, try popcorn. Simple changes are easier to acquire and more likely to be sustained throughout the year.


Another important change people should consider this year is getting more sleep. More than one out of every three Americans does not get enough sleep. Sleep is necessary for healing, maintaining physical health, and proper brain function. Without the right amount of sleep each night, it can be hard to manage daily life and support overall health.

If nothing else changes this year, resolve to get a better night’s sleep. It can reduce the risk of many health issues, especially chronic conditions. It can also ensure a more productive day. At least seven hours each and every night is important for a happier, healthier life.