The Top Things to do Alone in Seattle

Seattle is one of the most progressive cities in the United States, a melting pot of African American, Native American, European, Asian & Nordic cultures – the city’s history goes back more than 4 millennia. Today it is a hub of technology, maritime activities, and a changing American outlook.

Traveling to the US with an esta visa is ideal for individuals eligible for the visa waiver program. For an esta visa, you have to fill an application form – you have to fill in details related to your nationality and other personal questions.

How long does an esta last? Once you have got your esta, you can travel to the US for 90 days without any disturbances. If you are wondering about your esta visa validity, then it valid for two years after you have issued it – you won’t have to apply for esta approval for another two years. To ensure you apply for the ESTA authorization at least 72 hours before the trip, though. That being said, we do recommend applying as early as you can since you can visit the US anytime in the next two years once it’s been granted.

Best activities in Seattle

Museum of Pop Culture

You will find everything pop culture at MoPOP – the museum has organized exhibits, band face-off competitions with experienced critics, and annual film festivals. You will see many pop culture’s symbols and sculptures in MoPOP – Star Wars artifacts, popular band accessories, and more. The architecture of the museum and the interior design make it worth your while.

Woodland Park Zoo

A massive 92-acre zoo and park – the Woodland Park Zoo houses more than 300 animal species and thousands of exotic trees and shrubs. The zoo is divided into multiple exhibits and sections as per the habitat of animals, originating country, and continent. You will see everything from Indian Rhino to African Lions – South American Penguins to Australian birds.

Where can you stay in Seattle?

Seattle Marriott Waterfront

Located in the city’s heart, this hotel is known for its world-class ambiance, luxury setting, and proximity to the Space Needle. You can avail of multiple services here – access to a giant outdoor and indoor pool, a gastropub, and an auditorium or meeting area. The per-day rates range between $150-$250.

Crowne Plaza

Addressed in downtown Seattle – what’s there not to like about this place? It is located close to popular attractions & public transport – also, the rooms are enormous and comfortable. The hotel provides access to a fitness area, a well-maintained pool, and a popular restaurant. The per-day room rates are between $125-$175.

What can you do on a Seattle Saturday night?

Party at Monkey Loft

If parties are your thing – you’re going to love Monkey Loft at 2915 1st Ave S in Seattle. The nightclub regularly features DJ nights – famous DJs perform here on Saturdays. The club is frequented by fun-loving, friendly people who love to share drinks and disappear into deep talks.

Dinner at Palisade

The perfect place to be for a lovely seafood dinner on a Saturday night – alone, with your friend, family, or significant other, doesn’t matter. Assimilate the beautiful views of Elliot Bay while you enjoy your plate of fried shrimp, smoked salmon, and a classy mocktail to go with them.

Visit the Space Needle

You thought we would miss the Space Needle? It is the best place to be on a Saturday night – the marvelous views it offers is a moment to remember forever. The structure is more than 600 feet tall and houses an observation deck a hundred feet below the top. You can access the observation deck via a high-speed elevator – capture the downtown Seattle skyline’s views, the Cascade mountain range, and Elliot Bay in a photo. The tower houses restaurants, gift shops, and Base-Jumping facilities. If you are here on New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy the fireworks show.


Easily the most developed city in Northwestern USA, Seattle should be your next destination for a memorable vacation.

Once you have applied for your esta visa, do an esta check status to ensure that all the processes are going smoothly. Once you have checked your esta status, you can be sure about your travel plans and book your tickets to the US accordingly. You can make your itinerary spanning up to 90 days, so there is a lot to explore. You can think beyond Seattle for sure.

Please remember that you need to submit completed applications 72 before your travel – for approval. All the crucial steps and verification will take time. That’s it! Received your esta? Feels incredible, doesn’t it – book your tickets to beautiful Seattle and take in the cosmopolitan and multicultural vibe in you.