The ultimate guide into perfect mascara application.

Most beauty lovers have been around in circles with lash extensions and immersed with lash lifts to get a perfect shape for their eyelashes. Despite all these, there is only one true and tried way of achieving this: mascara.

When done correctly, mascara is nearly a damage-free method to lengthen, darken and enhance the lashes cheaply. Learn the steps of perfect mascara application through this ultimate guide to get that enhanced mascara beauty.

Step one: choose the best formula.

While there is no one-size-fits-all or right or wrong formula, everyone’s mascara preferences vary.

Fortunately, there is a general rule of thumb to be followed: lengthening mascara with rubberized and spikier wand allows those with shorter lashes to get the desired length; on the contrary, for sparse lashes, check out for a volumizing type with a fluffier applicator.

However, if the user is interested in the color only, they can try the 28-day mascara, non-toxic formula made only for lash colorings.

Step two: wipe off excess.

For any beauty enthusiast, nothing is more satisfying than a new “pop” of mascara wand from the tube. Regardless of the chosen formula, it is advisable to wipe off excess wands by scrapping them against the lips of the mascara wands to prevent clumping once it is applied.

Step three: apply a swipe on the top and another on the bottom.

It is best to begin by coating the lashes before getting into other detailed works of applications. To start the process, place the mascara wand as close to the roots of the lashes as possible and pull upwards.

Repeat the step on top of the lashes while moving the wand from the upper lash line to the tips of the lashes.

Step four: apply the “out-up-in” method.

Most stylists recommend this method for more detailed and separated lashes that stand out perfectly. From the outer corner of the eyes, apply the mascara at an angle allowing the pulling of lashes along that area in an upward and outward direction.

Then along the center of the eyes, pull the lashes above the iris with the mascara wand directly in an upward direction. Finally, for lashes closest to the inner eye, apply the mascara in an upward and inward direction to fan the lashes well.

Use this method to apply mascara on the bottom lashes. Hold the wand with the dominant hand for stability when doing this for the bottom lashes on the inner eyes.

Step five: finishing touches.

After getting the natural mascara look, it is still safe and appealing to add some finishing touches to complement the look further. A thin layer of eyeliner on the upper lash line and curling of the lashes can provide a great lash payoff.

However, if there is no need for lengthening or thickening, 28-day mascara is recommendable since it is a non-toxic and drip formula aimed only at coloring the lashes.


Mascara is a common beauty routine for most ladies around the world. If done properly, it can provide the best eyelash shapes and appearance. Follow the steps discussed in this guide for better results.

First, choose the best formula according to your preference, wipe excess wands, apply a swipe up and another bottom, use the out-up-in method and do the finishing touches if necessary.

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