These Are The 5 Card Games You Can Play at Your Home

We are constantly on the lookout for games that are interesting, different, fun yet at the same time can be played with our family and friends that too at home. Card games are always a go- to when it comes to choosing an activity or a pastime and we can’t agree more! But, what and which game to play? Making this choice a little easier for you, we’ve listed down 5 such card games you can play at the comfort of your home. Also, they are easy yet packed with a whole lot of fun.

1. Go Fish

This is a fun card game that friends and family can play together at home. It is kind of similar to Chase the Ace but a little simpler in terms of understanding and game play. Here, the players are dealt with 5 cards each that are kept face down and the remaining cards are kept in front as a deck. One player will pick up a card from the pile and ask the opponent if he has X? This X can be any card. If the player replies with a yes, then he gives the card to him and if he says no Go Fish then the players ought to pick up another card from the deck. Basically, the whole idea is to be able to match the cards given!. Moreover, if you are fond of digital card games then we’re sure that you’re already a pro in playing the MTG Arena the well known digital card game. And if yes is the answer then you should definitely visit this site to get the Lightning fast delivery of Magic Arena codes at MTGA Codes webstore.

2. Snap

Yet another fun, interesting card game that is quick and fast. It also requires one to be fast and here’s why. The game is played with a minimum of two players. Both are dealt with an equal number of cards from the entire deck which is kept face down. Later both open each card turn by turn and when they have a similar value card they say “Snap”. Whichever player shouts snap first will get to keep the entire lot of the cards. At the end, the player who has the maximum number of cards – the deck is declared the winner.

3. Crazy Eights

A card game that starts off by seeming to be a kid’s game but as the levels progress you will realize it isn’t easy at all. It gets intense and complicated but is a lot of fun. We are all aware of the game UNO, isn’t it? Crazy Eights is pretty like that, the player needs to finish up all his cards in the first hand itself. The rules are also pretty similar, but the role of cards is what differs. For example, the 2’s will have you picking up two cards, the 4’s will make you skip a turn, and the Queen of Spades will ensure you pick up a total of 8 cards! It does get interesting as the game progresses.

4. Rummy

Rummy is a very popular card game to play with friends at home, that requires players to be alert, smart and use their skills correctly at the right time. Cards are dealt from which the players must choose whether they want to keep the card they’ve picked or discard it. This is to make proper sets and sequences to win!

These games such as Rummy, Poker, Solitaire, Freecell, etc, can be played online on your electronic gadgets as well as in person with your family and friends They are sure to keep you entertained and occupied for a couple of hours. All of the games mentioned above are simple, quick to learn and easy to master if played time and again. So, go ahead and make game time merrier at home.

5. 31

How good are you with your calculations? Because this game has a little bit of math’s and brainstorming involved in it. The only motive is to create rows and columns with the cards that should eventually add up to a total of 31. Like Rummy, in 31 players will have to pick and discard cards as they go. Only difference here is that they will be dealt with only three cards. Also, the Ace acts as 1 or 11- depending on what you want at that point of time. Though this game involves a little bit of math’s and seems too much for a game but it’s worth a try.

6. Chase the Ace

A card game requires 3 players and is played with a deck of 52 cards. As the name suggests, players must chase the ace! The only idea of the game is to not have the lowest value card with you. So basically, a card each is dealt to all the three players which only the respective player can see. Later the player can decide whether to keep the card or pass it on to the next player. If one player has the Ace, then he can hold onto it irrespective of what the other player is doing. Once you start playing this card game you won’t want to be distracted.

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