Things can be done in Paris as a couple while it’s raining

Must-visit Paris sights when it rains

Like in the UK, there’s about one-in-three possibility of rain in Paris during your visit, even in the months of summer and spring. However, that shouldn’t stop couples from taking a stroll around the city! You can find plenty of things to do in Paris even in the event of rain with a long list of museums and a wealth of shopping possibilities, particularly the catacombs of Paris and stunning Sainte-Chapelle.

Visit the Louvre and take in some stunning artwork. You can also visit the Sainte-Chapelle and take in the unique architecture, to mention only a handful. If you’re looking to go (of course you are! ), Have the time to look over our Paris holiday.

1. Marvel at the stunning Sainte-Chapelle

The other end of the green Place Dauphine, one of the most beautiful squares of the city, is the massive façade that forms the Palais de Justice and the stunning Sainte Chapelle, constructed in the reign of Louis IX between 1242 and 1248, to house a collection of sacred items, such as the crown of thorns worn by Christ as well as fragments from the True Cross, bought at ridiculous prices from the ruinous Empire of Byzantium. While it’s been restored extensively, the chapel is one of the most impressive works that can be found in French High Gothic. The most striking feature of the chapel is its appearance of fragility made by reducing the structural masonry to a minimal level in order to create an enormous expanse of stunning stained glass. The illusion inside is being enclosed in the wings of many lovely butterflies. You can book Sainte Chapelle tickets, an affordable and convenient way to attend religious services. 

2. Explore the amazing Louvre and also spot Mona Lisa

Enjoy a trip to Paris’s most famous museums. Some Paris museums can be pretty romantic. Although “romance” is not often paired with “museum,” they seem to be a perfect match in Paris. No matter what your mood is Paris museums are the best thing to do with your partner. It’s easy for people to be put off by stories of long lines at the Pyramid and the Mona Lisa. Still, the attraction of the impressive collections at the Louvre Museum is intoxicating. It’s wise not to cover too much ground – even if you were to spend all day in the museum, you’d only get a tiny portion of the exhibit. The museum’s size allows visitors to escape the crowds. In the Denon wings, you’ll be able to wander around in peace, and it’s always possible to go outside for a rest. Starting from the Hall Napoleon under the Pyramide, there are stairs leading to three wings: Denon (south), Richelieu (north), and Sully (east).

3. Explore more amazing works of art at the Musee of Orsay.

In the shadow of the beautiful façade of the former railway station, The Musee d’Orsay is one of the top Paris attractions. Although it is famous for its captivating assortment that includes Impressionist and Post-Impressionist pieces, the Orsay showcases a wide range of French sculpture and painting that dates between 1848 and 1914. The most renowned artworks to see are Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait. You can spend an entire day exploring the museum, but it’s easy enough to restrict your visit to a particular part or two. The museum often moves rooms around and swaps paintings to accommodate new additions. There are three restaurants to dine at. The elegant restaurant is located on the second floor, gilded in stunning period fashion. The postmodern Cafe Campana is at the top of the five levels (don’t overlook the breathtaking views of Montmartre by the enormous railroad clock). For less expensive refreshments and food, there’s the small Cafe de l’Ours on the ground level.

4. Dodge the underground downpour

Perhaps an extremely sought-after option for couples who want to make their vacation an absolute nightmare, whether it’s raining or otherwise, the Catacombs of Paris is open daily except for Monday. The 18th century was in the 18th century when they realized that the Cemetery of the Innocents had become too crowded; the remains were excavated and relocated to the pathways in the quarry. Underground labyrinths were made through building work – these were the stones used to build Paris. The visitors will be welcomed at the entrance with “Arrete, c’est ici l’empire de la mort,” — meaning “Halt, this is the realm of Death” This is one of the numerous poems and poems you’ll encounter in the tunnels, reflecting on the meaning of life and death. Inside, you’ll find the remains of famous people who were parts of the French Revolution, such as Charlotte Corday, Danton, and Robespierre.

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